Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Halo Cosplayers

By: ZeloOmega

Earlier we talked about cosplay and the passion of cosplayers in the work that they do. Being at conventions allows us to experience a wide variety of cosplayers from many different types of media, like comic, anime, movie, video games, etc. Video games is where we ran into Nick Sisto (meerkatprops), Brandon Price (n.d.o.n), and Will Altinger (willaltingermain) donned at three Spartans from the Halo series. I must say, these cosplays did not disappoint at all. We had a chance to speak with these three about their cosplay, what they do, and about their time at Silicon Valley Comic Con:

The very first thing we noticed about this cosplay trio is just how awesome these suits came out, this isn’t your basic cardboard cut-out with some paints and subtle details. These were full on authentic looking pieces of armor that looked like it came right out of the game itself. We talked about how some cosplays can be relatively simple to pull off such as L (Death Note), but that some can be incredibly complex. This trio fit the latter. We spoke to Nick about how long it took him to create his cosplay, Emile (Halo 3: ODST). He says that all in all, the entire thing took him six months. Keep in mind that the armor is only one piece to this cosplay, we can’t forget the amazing helmet piece that has the decorated white skull adorned on the front, and the incredible M45 tactical shotgun he created himself. He’s recreated an amazing outfit that really had to be seen to be believed.

Backing him up was Will and Brandon. Brandon could be seen in wearing a red Spartan outfit and wielding an Energy Sword, Will was donned Carter’s suit (Halo Reach) with a BR55 heavy barrel service rifle. Will’s talent in designing these costumes definitely showed and carried through as both looked stunning. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like seeing or touching a character right from the games itself, these would be where you could definitely experience that. He handled each detail of both the weapons and armor with care and made sure that the entire thing shined. How long would you imagine it takes to create these? Well Will tells us it took him five to six months for both. We can tell that is seriously paid off in spades.

These cosplayers wore their costumes like pros, it was incredible meeting and speaking with them. We’re excited to see what they will come up with next. For more on Brandon, Nick, and Will, check out their Instagrams n.d.o.n (Brandon), meerkatprops (Nick) and willaltingermain (Will). Also, be sure to check out willaltingeracapella if you’re interested in seeing the man out of the cosplay, and doing some amazing acapella work. Finally, if you’re interested in getting into Halo cosplay, visit the 405th for more information on creating your own Halo cosplay!

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