Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Bay Area Ghostbusters

By: ZeloOmega

“What’cha gonna do, brother?” “I pity the fool” “What’choo talkin’ bout, Willis?” …. “Yabba Dabba Do” These are all memorable catchphrases that we know and love, but only one stands out the most when it came to Silicon Valley Comic Con. “Who you gonna call?” That’s right, the memorable line from Ghostbusters was prevalent at SVCC and it was all thanks to the amazing folks, the Bay Area Ghostbusters. We caught up with David to talk about what they were doing at the con, who actually they are, and we needed to get the scoop on their amazing Ecto-1.

You really couldn’t miss it while walking the floor of the San Jose Convention Center, this incredible Ecto-1 Car and three people donned in Ghostbusters gear, blasting the theme song to make sure you knew who they were. David and his crew are part of the Bay Area Ghostbusters, a group of fans who hail from all around Northern California. They go around conventions in California showing off their Ecto-1 and their crew, and seeing it is certainly one heck of an experience. The car is completely decked out in all the kind of Ghostbusters decorations you would expect, and their costumes are top notch. Speaking of the Ecto-1, just how exactly did they manage to pull this off? Well it was actually David who created it. He ended up converting an old hearse into the Ecto-1 they have… Well, the first one. It ended up burning down, suddenly out six months of work. It all worked out in the end though when he managed to create a second vehicle!

The greatest thing about the Ecto-1? It is absolutely, 100% street legal. That’s right, his neighbors will testify, the local police will vouch for it. That’s right, he can be seen driving this thing around town impressing neighbors and fans alike. If you want to build your own Ecto-1 though? David warns to be prepared to be the world’s best defensive driver! Not surprising with all the gawking you would get on the road with how incredible this thing looks. It certainly looks like the real deal. If you’re not in the Bay Area, don’t fear, we’re told that almost every state has their own Ghostbusters contingency, some will be as impressive as the Bay Area crew, some will go even more all out! So be sure to check out your local area!

Miss a chance at catching the Bay Area Ghostbusters? You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see where they’ll be next! If you have the opportunity to check them out, definitely be sure to, it’s something that should not be missed!

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