Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: 2.5d Sprites

By: ZeloOmega

What if I told you it was possible to take Mario from Super Mario World, rip him out of your TV screen, and put him on display in your front room? “Impossible!” You might say. Well, technically it is, however the folks over at 2.5d Sprites can make you something that’s incredibly similar. To start off today’s recap of Silicon Valley Comic Con, I want to talk about our experience seeing the folks over at 2.5d Sprites at their booth. You may remember them from a few weeks ago when we interviewed them, which you can find here. However I took the opportunity to find them at the con, check out their booth, and talk to Cindy.

Cindy and Chris have mainly heading up the operations for the past 4-5 years, and with the help of a couple others they have been able to make absolutely stunning pieces of pixel art. The amazing thing about their work isn’t that they’re able to just rip a character off the screen and turn it into a tangible object, they excel in being able to actually depict scenes from these games in their work. Take a look at Ryu’s hadouken. It’s not just Ryu performing his signature moves, it’s the frames that lead up to it, giving you a perfect picture of the attack in action. It’s truly unlike anything I’ve personally seen before. It’s not just video games either, they also show off characters from anime which is an amazing feat on its own. Reproducing video game characters through beads while tedious is a fairly simple task if you enlarge it and go pixel by pixel. However, you don’t have that luxury when it comes to anime characters and much more intricate designs they have. So being able to create pixel art out of them is simply an outstanding display of skill.

The 2.5d Sprites booth at Silicon Valley Comic Con was ornately decorated with so many of their work pieces that you simply couldn’t miss seeing something and contemplating picking it up. They showed off their brand new Chun-Li lightning kick and Guile sonic boom works, which definitely just had to be seen. It’s no surprise they were one of the busiest booths on the convention floor. Consider yourself lucky enough if you picked up one of their works, because they were selling out fast! So where will 2.5d Sprites be next? You can catch them this weekend at Sakura-Con (March 25 – 27, 2016) followed by Emerald City Comic Con (April 7 – 10, 2016). For more information about where they’ll be next, or just to check out their amazing skills, catch them on Facebook!

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