Seraph of the End: Season 1 Part 2 (Review)

By: RogueSymbiote

In Seraph of the End, the struggle between mankind and vampires rages on. After experimentations lead to the extermination of all human adults, vampires have emerged to claim dominance. Humanity forms the Japanese Imperial Demon Army in order to combat the vampire population. Certain youth are able to harness the power of demons by using special cursed gear. These young soldiers however risk being overpowered and possessed by the very demons that offer them power. If they push too far they may even become demons themselves. The military regime must risk everything, including their own humanity if they are to be victorious.

Story Arc

Yuchiro, a member of the Moon Demon Company, continues his search for Mikaela. Yu and Mika became close friends while being test subjects. The pair both possess the seraph gene which allows the individual great power. They are separated however when their experimentation group is attacked by vampires. Mika is turned into a vampire and Yu is desperate to change him back.

Yu has since become a member of the Shinoa squad, a sect of the Moon Demon Company. Mitsuba, Yoichi, Kimizuki and Shinoa have become like family to Yu. They all serve under the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as a vampire extermination squad. Under the guidance of Lieutenant Colonel Guren, this young team is recruited to participate in a near suicidal mission. The entire Moon Demon Company must seek out and eliminate the vampire nobles. Taking on even a single noble is a task in and of itself, but they must follow orders of Lieutenant General Kuretu.

While the military seeks to destroy the vampire factions, Mika continues his search for Yu. During their extermination mission, Guren is captured by the vampire nobles. Desperate to rescue his mentor, Yu pushes the limits of his cursed gear and becomes something other than human. The Shinoa squad however interrupts Yu’s mission and subdues him. They do so in order to stop Yu from turning into a demon.

Yu and Mika are finally reunited, but so much has changed. They must depend on one another if they are to make it through the war. It becomes clear that soldiers on both sides of this war have their own devious intentions. Hidden alliances are revealed and the true endgame comes to light. The humans have fought tirelessly against he vampires, but are they truly the enemy? The true power of the seraph of the end is finally unleashed. How can our heroes hope to stand up to such power?


Seraph of the End is a series with so many layers. The main story does an excellent job at revealing just enough to make you question who the true villains are. Rather than spoon feed to the plot, hints are dropped throughout the entire series. The introduction and development of characters is fantastic. I had not seen part one of the series, but the first few episodes recap those events with clarity. When I first learned the series was going to center around vampires, I was less than enthused. However, this iteration is fresh and exciting. The dynamic between humans and vampires is so intertwined and makes you wonder who the true villain is.

The concept of demon infused weaponry is outstanding. They even hint at the close relationship demons have with vampires based on the fact that the cursed gear requires the blood of the host. I’m a sucker for cool weapons and this was such a fun and dark take on sacrifice for power. The series generates strong emotional connections between characters. There is a strong sense of friendship, loyalty and family throughout the show.

The connection between taking pills and being able to access more power from the cursed gear was a little muddled. They might have explained that. better in part one, but the concept felt unnecessary. The animation at times was a little lazy. Some character designs seemed rushed. A few of the female vampires specifically had body proportions that made absolutely no sense. I’m not even talking about fan service proportions. Just basic anatomy that makes people look like people. Near the end of part two, hidden alliances are revealed, but its done in a way that was ultimately confusing. The final battle involving the Seraph of the end was also a little rushed. The series as a whole however was very fun and well paced. It’s obvious why this anime has risen in popularity.

Box Set Review

The Blu-ray/DVD combo includes episodes 13-24 in English and Japanese. Extras include video commentary from the cast for episodes 21 and 24. Comedic shorts entitled “Seraph of the Endless” parts 10-13 are included as well. Other features include marathon viewing, promo videos, textless opening/closing songs and trailers. Even if you haven’t seen part 1, you can absolutely start watching from here and feel like you understand whats going on. The anime was produced by Wit Studio in conjunction with Universal and Funimation. Pick up the box set here!

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