Saga of Tanya The Evil – Episodes 1-4 (Recap)

By: BellaKaiba

Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff is The Empire’s ace soldier. Also known as The Rhine Devil, she comands an independent assault unit designed to aid the army in difficult battles at the different fronts. At age 9 she is already a war veteran, has gone through special education at The Empire’s Military University and leads her own batallion.

Resultado de imagen para tanya the evil being xThe story gets more interesting as we find out who is actually Tanya- a middle age japanese salaryman that continues to deny God’s existence– and why she is undergoing all the hardships in her military carreer.

As the story progresses we can see her interacting with “Being X”-as she calls God- how she attained her impressive powers and what she is supposed to accomplish with them. A military prodigy, she volunteered to join the army at the tender age of 8. By 9 she was a war veteran, had already been a recruit instructor, a test subject for new military equipment and an Ace student at the Military University.

Tanya is able to accomplish all of this by retaining her memories from her past life as a salaryman, because- according to a conversation Tanya and God had seconds before her death in our world- Faith in God can be achieved by those most in need. By putting her through life’s most cruel situations Tanya should be able to find faith in God.

Through various and crucial moments through her new life in The Empire, Being X interferes with the event and story development, with the sole intention of making Tanya acknowledge his existence and power; thus developing faith in God.

Resultado de imagen para tanya the evil being x

The chaotic -war- world in which Tanya now lives is about to enter its first World War and despite The Empire (Tanya’s country) has a lot of capable military masterminds, they all think very highly of her because every now and then she makes remarks on famous battles of our world; thus making it look like she knows a lot about military action since nothing like that has happened in The Empire’s world.

Tanya The Evil has ranked at the first place on Crunchyroll’s most popular anime of the week several times. Have you watched it? What did you think about it? Do you think Tanya will acknowledge God’s existence by the end of the series?

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