Saga of Tanya The Evil: Episodes 5-8 (Recap)

By: BellaKaiba

The Saga of Tanya The Evil continues! With Tanya’s established reputation as a War Veteran she adquires a couple months of peace at the military academy. While she is enjoying her hard work’s payoff a high ranking official from Operations visits campus to meet Tanya.

After some small chit-chat Tanya starts blabbering about the First World War that is about to unfold and proposes a small assault unit program. Her superior is very intrigued about all her knowledge in military strategy so entrusts Tanya with writting a detailed report-that later is distributed among high ranking official and that ultimately sets Tanya’s fate, as an important piece on the big playground that the war against The Republic has turned in to.

Shortly after Tanya is appointed a batallion of her own and sent off to act as reinforcement and do some cleaning at some of the most dangerous battles. Tanya blames her cockiness along with Being X’s doing, for being sent off to battle once more.

The Empire crushes The Republic after a long scale offensive is successful. Victory and the end of the war is within reach. Tanya is very happy about the fact that she won’t have to be puttin her life on the line every morning, until a non-identified Magus Batallion interrupts Tanya’s cleaning in The Rhine.

So far the series has been filled with great battles, amazing voice acting, great animation and a fast-paced story with a very complex lead. What do you think will happen next? Personally I would like to see more Being X and Tanya moments! Don’t miss out Tanya The Evil on Crunchyroll!

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