Re:Zero Episode 25: That’s All This Story Is About (Review)

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  1. LeloThePGG says:

    A couple of things that may answer your questions and doubts:

    – Betelgeuse is skilled in earth magic. It is stated in the novel, and he does summon that wall against Julius in the novel too. The red thing Subaru uses is a fire stone iirc, like the ones that were about to explode in the carriage. Crusch army had prepared some for the White Whale battle.
    – Subaru didn’t think that the Witch could kick Betelgeuse out of him. He just wanted her to grab his heart and HURT him like she always does. His plan was to repeatedly hurt his own body until Betelgeuse left on his own (he spelled it out to Betelgeuse: “I was prepared to keep trying until you left me, but you gave up after one go?”). Turns out Satella was kinda angry that she wasn’t meeting Subaru and rejected Betelgeuse.
    – About this plan, Subaru literally had no need to tell the others. He could just have said “I have a plan for when he will possess me”. Remember, it’s the same as being a bait: he never said anyone “I’m gonna say that I can Return by Death so that I will stopped before I say it and the witch’s miasma on me will increase”, he just did. And this case is the same.
    – About Otto (the merchant), he has a divine protection/blessing, much like Crusch can see the wind of lies around people. In this case, his blessing lets him understand the language of any creature, an ability that at first was a bit problematic for him, as he himself states. It’s not something out of the ordinary for that world, given Crusch, Ferris and of course Reinhard (who has a ton of blessings).

    Hope these info help a little.
    It’s all from the episode(s) itself, with little to no light novel knowledge used to clarify the facts, so that it can be verified by rewatching it.

    Personally, I liked this series from beginning to end and I’m hoping for a season 2 in the future (also because i NEED the next arc animated lol)

  2. ReZero says:

    I love anime this! I’m just glad that they actually made a season 2 for this anime so I guess it’s pretty popular in japan.

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