Re:Zero – Episode 21 (Review)

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  1. Mikey2117 says:

    Great article, but I disagree that Rem is too good for Subaru. Subaru was a great person, even before he started from zero. Committing suicide to save someone who killed you is hero material in my book. They deserve each other. Also glad Crusch didn’t fall for Subaru. People have been shitting on this show as a generic harem for so long when it’s clear that the only character that loves him is Rem, and he worked his ass off just to improve that one relationship.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Don’t get me wrong, I think the earlier incarnation of Subaru was worthy of Rem. But Subaru during his complete tonal shift is not worthy of the loving devotion of Rem. I agree on your point with Crusch. This show is too good to become just another harem anime.

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