Re:Zero – Episode 15 (Review)

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  1. FlippyFlop says:

    I think the events in this episode not only excuse Subaru’s actions of the previous episodes, but even justifies them. If Subaru was chosen to be the bishop representing Pride itself (Assuming Betel was correct in thinking Subaru might be ‘Pride’), his actions and arrogance make complete sense, he wasn’t brought into this world to be the Hero, he was brought in to be the Villain. I have no doubt now that EVERYONE owes Subaru more than they can repay by virtue of him choosing to help Emilia. Why? The witch cult is terrifying and powerful enough as it is, but imagine how unstoppable they would be with a leader who can change fate itself, one who can ‘see’ the future and shape it according to his will. His power, Returns By Death, also fits this theme, because what could be more Prideful than to turn back time and change whatever you don’t like. His value lies not in courage or combat prowess, but knowledge of the future.

  2. Meteo says:

    the wolf at the end is Puck as indicated by his earring.

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