Restaurant To Another World – Episodes 3-4 (Review)

By: Mithrandiel

Restaurant to Another World¬†serves up four more delectable stories on in episodes 3-4, spotlighting “Spaghetti with Meat Sauce”, “Chocolate Parfait”, “Omelette Rice” and “Tofu Steak”.

Episode 3

Our first tale introduces us to a culinary genius from the continent, responsible for the advent of various pasta dishes and sauces. He takes his grandson to the basement and reveals a treasured family secret: the entrance to the Western Restaurant Nekoya – and the genius chef who runs it.

Their deal is pretty simple: he brings the chef various fresh ingredients, as well as a chest full of money, and in exchange the chef helps to create amazing new pasta dishes and sauces that he then attempts to recreate and sell to the masses. Of course, the mass-produced food can hardly compete with Nekoya’s freshly-made spaghetti with meat sauce, which both the grandfather and grandson order.

The grandson is amazed at the quality, and begins putting the pieces together that his grandfather is getting his recipes and products from this very restaurant. Sheepishly, the grandfather concedes that he never claimed he was a culinary genius, but he has inherited that title and will continue to roll with it. The grandson is invited back to enjoy more pasta any time, adding another regular patron to Nekoya’s roster.

The next dish is something a bit sweeter – as is our newest patron.

The story begins with Adelheid, a young princess, being taken to the Nekoya restaurant along with her grandfather, the King. She has few memories of the adventure, save for the fact that she met a kindly old man and ate “clouds”. Fast forward, and now this princess is grieving after the death of her beloved grandfather, as well as battling a worrisome disease. While settling into the familiar castle, a door to the Nekoya restaurant appears before her, and with her childhood memories driving her forward, she bravely crosses the threshold.

On the other side she meets the new waitress and kindly chef, the foreign environment still taking some time to get used to. She hardly looks over the menu before she orders her meal with confidence: her beloved “clouds” from her childhood.

The chef knows right away what she needs and gets to work, the confectionary delight being delivered to her moments later.

She eagerly devours the dessert, recalling it tasting just as it did when she was a little girl. The parfait apparently is so good it has curative properties, because shortly afterwards it appears as though her previous illness has all but disappeared. With the door to the Nekoya restaurant appearing magically within her castle walls every 7 days, you can imagine she will definitely be a regular visitor.

Episode 4

The show takes a bit of a departure from previous entries with a National Geographic-style documentary on Lizardmen, and their ritual surrounding the Nekoya restaurant. The episode begins with a description of the Lizardmen’s physique and history, before specifically describing the journey of Gaganpo, the strongest lizardman of the tribe.

Whenever the mystical door to Nekoya appears, Gaganpo journeys through to enjoy a hearty meal for himself, before bringing take-out back for the rest of the tribe. They apparently speak a different language as well, since he seems to be much more communicative with his tribe than when he’s ordering at the Nekoya restaurant.

And what does this powerful lizardman order? Omelette rice.

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