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The Reckoning of Todd Rogers: How A Video Game Legend Is Quickly Becoming A Myth

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  1. Zenock says:

    You seem to be missing something from your article..

    Todd was originally seen as a phenom, a true video game master. This began to change after his many years of play when allegations came out that he had cheated in Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Entertainment System. His record of 15,000,000 points on Twin Galaxies, a video game leaderboard, was removed after thorough research found that there was no evidence he had ever gotten that score in the first place! Later on, speedrunner Eric “Omnigamer” Koziel disassembled the coding of the game and it was concluded that the absolute best score possible is 5.57 seconds. The official record that Rogers owned is 5.51 seconds, which received a lot of flak and was later disqualified due to the analyzation.

    This analysts was on the game “dragster” the longest held record in video gaming and it hasn’t been disqualified yet. You skip from talking about Donkey Kong to talking about Dragster without any coherent transition. It seems as if you’ve cut something from the paragraph and didn’t finish the edit.

    1. Jeremy Snow says:

      Zenock – Thanks for pointing that out! It did need some clarification for sure. I’ve made edits to that end, as well as including updated links showing that Twin Galaxies and Guiness have stricken Todd Rogers of his records.

      Thanks for pointing that out!

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