Princess Principal Episodes 6 – 10 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

I am a bad anime fan who fell behind on a good show. But, I have now caught up and am ready to discuss the last four episodes of Princess Principal! The past couple of episodes have given us some background info, and a little filler. Missed my last review? Check it out here!

We finally get some information on Dorothy’s past. In typical Princess Principal fashion, it’s pretty tragic. Dorothy’s father, Danny McBean, currently works for the Duke of Normandy. He is investigating bodies at the morgue, looking for the one that contains a cipher. Dorothy and Beatrice go undercover to locate the cipher before Danny does. Danny immediately recognizes Dorothy and calls her “Daisy”. We later learn that Dorothy was her mother’s name.

Dorothy reveals to Beatrice that her dad lost his arm in an engineering accident. The accident changed him, and he began beating Dorothy. After her father begs her not to leave again, she slowly comes around to the idea of having him in her life.

Dorothy and Beatrice find the cipher is hidden in the tooth of a man with a cross on his right palm. This information was given to them by Danny, who promises to give Dorothy a better life once he collects his reward. Dorothy copies the cipher down and gives the real one to her dad to exchange for his reward. Her dad is killed by one of the Duke’s spies Gazelle when he asks for more money. Well, at least he is rid of his “rubbish life”.

We also finally find out how Ange and the Princess switched identities. While the girls perform a stake out on Lord O’Reilly, who has been meeting with a spy, Ange befriends a beggar girl. Ange decides to tell the girl a story about the Princess and the Pickpocket. The Princess met a pickpocket who looked just like her. The two became fast friends, and often swapped clothes. One day, the Princess decided to swap lives with the Pickpocket. This happens to be the same day the war starts, and the two end up stuck in their new roles.

With the help of the beggar, the girls learn the identity of the spy. Lord O’Reilly has been meeting with Gazelle. In return for her help in identifying the spy, Ange gives the beggar girl and her siblings a letter to the orphanage in town.

Not every episode can be completely filler free, and Princess Principal manages to keep their filler interesting. When a criminal known as Poison Gas Jack keeps attacking places using military grade poisons, the girls have to go undercover to expose him. Posing as laundry mill workers, the girls test each and every military uniform that comes in. When debt collectors threaten to close the mill, Princess Charlotte simply buys it. From there, the girls get it running efficiently. Through a slip up, Jack’s uniform gets sent to the mill and the girls apprehend him when he comes to retrieve it.

Another filler episode is devoted to Chise is writing to her sister. She tells her sister all about her spy friends, and their Western mannerism. It also involves a meeting where she reveals she is spying on the spies. Her objective is to determine if Japan should side with the Kingdom or the Commonwealth. After the girls help Chise with a duel and a traditional Japanese celebration, she discovers she just wants them to be successful.

This latest batch of episodes gave us a few firsts for the series. We have our first set of recurring background characters with Gazelle, and also with a group of loan sharks. Both affect missions for the girls on several occasions. We also know now that the Princess wants to bring the wall down because it’s what Ange originally said. That revelation was sweet, and is something I hope they can succeed in.

If I happen to fall behind again, you can stream the latest episodes for yourself. The latest from Sentai Filmworks streams every Saturday on Anime Strike.

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