Princess Principal Episodes 4 – 5 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

Catching the summer flu meant falling behind on the latest anime episodes. The good news is I’m no longer sick. The great news is that I am caught up on Princess Principal. The best news is that the past two episodes are amazing, and I am gonna tell you all about it! Missed my last review? Catch it here!

Princess Principal seems to be a big fan of interspersing the introduction of characters in between plot heavy episodes. Personally, I’m a fan of this method as it doesn’t feel monotonous, as character introductions sometimes do. Also, it’s done without explicitly stating it’s an introduction episode, which means it doesn’t fall prey to the flashback trap. The latest two episodes provide us with Chise’s backstory, along with the potential of the Princess being a double agent.

Chise comes to join the group after arriving with Lord Horikawa from Japan. Despite being a target of the assassin Todo Jubei, Lord Horikawa is traveling to meet the Queen. He hopes to negotiate a treaty with Her Majesty, and the Princess and crew agree to escort him. Unbeknownst to them, the Duke of Normandy is working with Jubei to assassinate both Horikawa and the Princess.

After hijacking the train, Chise and Jubei engage in a fight to the death. Chise defeats Jubei, whom is revealed to be her father, while Ange and the Princess stop the trains. From there, Dorothy introduces Horikawa to the Commonwealth, and they become allies. In order to further their alliance, Chise becomes part of their spy team, and transfer to their school.

With the team at full capacity, it seems like they can handle an tasks that come their way. That is, until it seems like there’s a double agent in the ranks. When the group is tasked to steal a Cavorite prototype, L reveals to Dorothy that the Princess may be a double agent. During the ceremony, the Duke of Normandy tells the Princess that he plans on marrying her to Russia to secure an alliance.

Even worse, the prototype is missing. The group tracks it down to a boat, and the Princess volunteers to lead the assault. This convinces Dorothy that the Princess is not a double agent, and they successfully retrieve the device. Motivated by their success and friendship, the group decides to call their spy group Team White Pigeon.

Now that all the major characters have been introduced, the show should be able to focus exclusively on the plot. I am intrigued to learn more about the dynamics, and to see if the Princess takes the throne. I also want to see how this spy war between the Kingdom and the Commonwealth plays out. There’s also the matter of who will win the Princess’s heart: Ange or Beatrice? Hopefully all these questions and more are answered soon enough.

New episodes of Princess Principal are available on Saturdays on Anime Strike.

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