The Power of Text: Discussing Supergiant Games “Pyre” with Greg Kasavin

By: Mithrandiel

Recently one of my favorite game developers, Supergiant Games, announced their new title: Pyre.

Pyre revolves around a band of exiles seeking absolution through a mysterious and secretive competition known as “The Rites”. Victory means a return from the barren Downside, and an absolution of their previous sins. Defeat means an eternity of exile and despair. As an exiled soul discovered on the brink of death, you will journey with your newfound teammates to battle other teams in “The Rites” to free yourself form the barren purgatory.

The game played during “The Rites” is reminiscent of basketball/dodgeball. You can jump, pass or shoot as you attempt to sink your orb into the opponents pyre, lowering its HP. You can also channel your shots towards enemies, thus integrating some dodgeball elements as you avoid getting pegged yourself.

Pyre gameplay

After reaching out for an interview, I heard back from Greg Kasavin, former editor in chief at Gamespot and current writer and designer for Supergiant Games. Take a listen as he discusses some of the challenges in developing Pyre, as well as the reason  they made certain choices, like scaling down voice acting considerably.

Pyre is still a work in progress, but keep an eye out for updates. This will definitely be a great game to look out for!

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