Portal Bound Issue 5 (Comic Book Review)

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  1. Floating Dream says:

    Just a few ramblings.

    Since it was so fascinating for me, I would have loved to have spent some time going over “unnecessary exposition” on the Fusion mechanics for a page or two, honestly. Granted, no time or space, but for lore reasons, it would have been a worthy direction to go in.

    As for Eli and Sybil’s reaction to the end of the climax, I’m okay with how it played out. Sybil’s straightforward reaction make sense for her character, even with the development and progression she’s made. And Eli’s? Well, we don’t really delve into his past much enough to say how he really feels about things at this stage. Sybil’s pragmatism could also be said to have rubbed off on Eli in that way, too, but it’s not a required explanation. I think the choice to not dwell on it longer than they did here was sound, especially since it meant we spent the time in the issue with what was dwelt on.

    I would have loved to have seen more insight on the villain’s backstory and point-for-point lead-in to making the decisions he did, but alas. Maybe a Volume 2 will provide that insight.

    And yes, I very much want and need a Volume 2!

    Lastly, Omeil calling Brett “boy” makes total sense in-context, on the grounds that that is how Omeil sees Brett. As a boy. A kid. Especially in comparison to Omeil himself, a mercenary who’s lived a rough life. Also, Omeil’s design makes him come off as older than Brett, as does his attitude and background as a mercenary, even though Omeil’s explicit age was not stated.

    But enough of that. I loved Portal Bound, and as I said earlier, I need more! I loved everybody, but a soft spot goes out to Brett himself, who’s spunk and pluck meant that even though he was trapped inside Omeil’s fusion and wasn’t in a position to take control (can that even be done?), he still did not go gentle, becoming Oatmeal’s conscience and nagging Oatmeal into doing the right thing. I would love to see the two interact on more neutral or even amicable grounds, as would I enjoy seeing all aspects of their fusion again.

    Here’s to Volume 2! Aspen Comics is pretty good with carrying their series into subsequent “Seasons”, so I’m at least largely confident we haven’t seen the last of Eli, Brett, Sybil, Riley, and Oatmeal!

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