Pixie Dust (Comic Book Review)

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  1. I appreciate this review. It was clear, concise, and honest. I can’t really share it anywhere because it gives away the whole plot, but I am happy you wrote from your heart.

    Since you commented on the inconsistencies, I will respond with my thoughts.

    As for the spelling error, yes, there is no period at the end of one sentence on page 14, that is true. It is an unfortunate mistake, but it does happen…all the time. Many of your favorite comics have lack of punctuation at the end of their bubbles once and a while, I am sure. I had 20+ people read it, and still sometimes a mistake slips through.

    Second, Ylfingur calls Akta a fairy, because fairies and pixies are both considered fairy folk in the history of the world. There are no real true fairies, actually, so colloquially fairies and pixies can be called the same thing in the universe, and was something I didn’t think needed explaining. Truly, the terms are used interchangeably in this world since Akta and others like her exhibit traits of both pixies and fairies.

    As for the third point, where you talk about the encounter with the guards and the tavern for a second time, the entire theme of the book is about a monster hunter who becomes what she hates most, sees how they are treated, and starts questioning what she has been indoctrinated to believe.

    When Akta becomes a monster, people stop seeing her humanity, and goodness, and see her only as a monster. The exact reason that you didn’t like about that scene, is the point of it, actually, that even though she can talk to the people, they do not want to hear her. All they want to do is attack her.

    I’m sorry you did not like that part, but I’m afraid those two scenes are really at the heart of what I was trying to achieve. I took the most time crafting them, and they turned out exactly as I intended.

    Like jokes, though, when writing has to be explained it loses its punch. Still, since you put your critiques out into the ether, I felt I should give my take on them. I usually do not respond to reviews, but these were such specific and pointed critiques I felt it incumbent upon me to respond.

    As for the dialog tightening, that is a subjective thing. I don’t disagree with it. I am happy with the dialog, and the plot, and think it is my best work to date.

    Thanks again for reading it.

  2. Lowfat says:

    Hi Russell,

    To clarify: I agree with you wholeheartedly that comics of all kinds and brands sometimes contain some punctuation errors. I would not have mentioned a missing period in my review because, like you, I think is a very minor detail. But The typo to which I was referring is when King Odgeir is talking to Akta about her dust. He says, “Imagine what an army could do with kind of power!” I presume that sentence is missing the word “this” or “that” or “such.” This sentence appears to be missing a word entirely, which pulled me from my immersion in your book, so I felt the need to mention it.

    I feel our other points of disagreement are subjective, so I will leave them be. I still highly enjoyed this book – I have since reread it a couple times, and I have recommended it to a few friends, too – and I will eagerly keep an eye out for your next project. Thanks for your time.

    Lowfat (Ryan)

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