Stepping into the Arena with The Behemoth – An Interview on “Pit People”!

By: Scarlette
Hey Geeks!
Scarlette checking in from PAX 2016…and I am having a BLAST. One the highlights from today was I was able to sit down with Ian from Behemoth Studios, the team that brought you Castle Crashers, and talk about their upcoming game: Pit People.


Seriously guys, this game is fun. If you love strategy games, tactical games, rpgs…Pit People is the game for you. I wont go into much detail, just give the interview with Ian a listen to learn more about the game and what makes it so darn excellent.



You can check out the Pit People demo (single or co-op) on the fourth floor of Pax. It comes highly recommended–and tell them Mithical Entertainment sent you!


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