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Persona 5 the Animation – Episode 2 (Review)

By: Thunderheavyarm

The show continues this week, after Ren awakens his Persona Arsene allowing them to escape from Kamoshida’s prison and return to the real world. Ryuji and Ren resolve to enter the castle again after school and are met by Morgana, a small bipedal cat. Facing off against Shadow Kamoshida again, Ryuji then awakens his rebellious spirit, Captain Kidd.

So far, the story isn’t deviating from the game…which is fine because that’s what most of us are here to see. So rather than talk about it, let’s talk about how the anime represented combat and palace runs. In the game, combat is handled by turn based sequence, where the player chooses the best action to take to try and win the battle. While that’s something that can be done with good writing and animation in a series, it will typically kill the pacing of the show. That said, difficult fights like from mid-bosses and the villainous shadows make for great scenes and episodes. So while we’re losing out on volume, we’re making up for it in quality.

There’s also the fact that a lot of the dialogue from the game is missing. Which makes sense given that it was mostly tutorial information. Which again, works out very well in a game but breaks down the action to large talking sequences. Which doesn’t fit the genre of this series. But for the other parts, where there are slight changes, it’s only because the show is able to come at scenes differently. In a game, assets are static to cut down on the amount of time that’s needed to program later sections. An animated series however, is far more flexible allowing for scenes to be played out differently. Which allows for different dialogue, that in some cases improves the scene.


I can’t wait for next week, since they’ll be bringing Ann into the series as one of the thieves—it’s teased during the credits. Which should either get us to the point where they go after the treasure within the palace and fight Shadow Kamoshida’s boss form or at least tease into it before the end credits start.

GG, everyone!

Update: Episode 3 is here! Check out my latest review!



9.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


9.5 /10

What Works

  • Morgana joins the cast
  • Changes to dialogue and flow enhance rather than detract
  • Definitely still Persona 5

What Hurts

  • If you're here for long fight scenes you're out of luck

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