Persona 5 the Animation Episode 10 [REVIEW]

By: Thunderheavyarm

With that brief break from palaces and nefarious adults, the show jumps back into them with this week’s episode. This is the episode that kicks off the Kaneshiro Palace. But first, a field trip to the nearby television station.

While not going into to a deep description, it properly introduces the first new character for the series Goro Akechi. He believes that if the Phantom Thieves exist then they should give themselves up, since causing a change of heart in someone is not the same as a true to heart confession. That said he still has a good spirit about Ren’s counter point of view.

Meanwhile, back at Shujin, feeling pressure from the principal with her unsuccessful search for the phantom thieves, Makoto begins to stalk Ren trying to find out if he is the phantom thief. Eventually, she lucks out and overhears Ann and Ryuji talking loudly. Using the information to black mail them, she enlists the aid of the group to go after a large crime boss.

I’m actually not sure how I’m going to feel about these last few episodes. There are moments where I can find myself enjoying the episodes. And even when I don’t they’re not overly bad themselves. But the problem is that there isn’t much left to the season and I think in the back of my head I’m realizing that there won’t be much more beyond this final palace. Until after the credits rolled and there was an extra scene.

While it’s not as much of a big reveal, especially if you’re paying attention earlier. But it was a nice knowing wink and early reveal for the people that are watching that have played the original game. If they would sprinkle a few more of those into the episode, there were two in this one, it might help out somewhat. Until next time…

GG, everyone.

Persona 5 The Animation (Episode 10)

Persona 5 The Animation (Episode 10)


8.0 /10


9.0 /10


8.5 /10


8.0 /10


8.5 /10

What Works

  • Couple of hidden easter egg characters

What Hurts

  • Spoilers if you've played the game before

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