PAX West Spotlight: Andy Messner and Rooster Teeth Game Development

By: Scarlette

Since the debut of Red vs. Blue over 13 years ago, Rooster Teeth has quickly grown to be a cornerstone of online entertainment. Mithrandiel, Zelyhon, Zero Omega and Thunder were lucky enough to attend a “Let’s Play Live” event hosted by them not too long agoEven though I couldn’t make it to the Let’s Play event, over the weekend I had the opportunity to chat with Andy Messner, Senior Game Producer at Rooster Teeth, about their upcoming projects. Now that they’ve created successful web-series (Red vs. Blue), YouTube shows (Achievement Hunter), card games (Million Dollars But…) and more, how does the video game division plan on standing out?

Take a listen – Andy’s got some great stuff lined up!

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