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By: Goose

Now that PAX East has ended, it’s only necessary to put a spotlight on the convention’s best indie games. The show was an amazing one with countless titles for all sorts of video game fanatics. Earlier in the week, I reviewed 10 of the best indie titles that I was fortunate enough to play. Of course, with hundreds of games on display, that couldn’t be all of them. Therefore, I decided to spotlight 11 more! Check them out below!

Golem Gates

Golem Gates, available now on Steam, is a strategic role-playing game that combines elements of card battles and fast-paced action! You must collect cards throughout the game called “Glyphs”, which harness your different abilities and superhuman powers, and from there you have to strategically place them perfectly in order to win your battles! Golem Gates has beautifully in-depth graphics and was thoroughly created, worthy of hours of gameplay. Each enemy, who are consistent with the stereotypical mythical hellish creatures, is coming for you and your crew. The 100 different Glyphs add an element that most games lack, as you never can predict what you’re going to get.

Cook, Serve, Delicious 2

Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 definitely offered the most fun of any game in this whole piece! The jovial soundtrack and characters will leave you laughing your butt off, but make sure to not mess up any orders. As a gourmet cook, your customers are expecting nothing but the best food. Prepare orders correctly, or else your business will come to its demise! Cook Serve, Delicious 2 has been released on mobile platforms and Steam, and is seeing a 2018 PlayStation 4 release as well.

Witch It

Witch It, whose early access edition became available on Steam last May, is a hide-and-seek challenge that is filled with fun adventures and witchcraft (obviously). You take upon the role of a hunter in a Minecraft-like environment that is infected with witches. The lakes, villages, and other physical map elements create a diverse experience that is fast-paced, intense, and mysterious! Witch It was perfectly crafted, with a sleek user interface and consuming gameplay that will get you addicted.

Make Sail

Make Sail, which debuted a week ago on Steam, is a unique and interesting game. You become a boat engineer, and have to craft sailboats to survive in the deep blue ocean. This is also a game where you’ll need some creativity, as you can tailor your sailboats in any way you want! Storms and ocean beasts will ravage your craft though, so prepare wisely when creating your perfect ship. Don’t worry – you’ll stop at many islands with hidden mini-games and adventures to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Ash of Gods: Redemption

Ash of Gods: Redemption is a role-playing game that uses a turn-based gameplay system with some CCG as well. The game’s storyline is one of ancient times, where you must battle a force that locals was once thought to be folklore. There is a large variety of characters available, many of which were inspired by the artwork from The Lord of the Rings. Elements of hand-to-hand combat, luck, and bravery make Ash of Gods: Redemption a reckoning with evil you don’t want to miss! It was dropped on Steam in March.

Destination Ares

Perhaps the game with the most interesting concept in all of PAX, Destination Ares is a Steam space adventure from the aspect of a computer. You will play as AI, referring to “artificial intelligence”, in charge of a colony ship headed towards the red planet. Graphics are designed in a vintage style, mainly being quite pixelated and simplistic. Yet these graphics add in a mysterious and hopeless aspect that is seen within your ship, an aspect of solitary loneliness and death. Escape consumption by an unnamed terror, and try to survive until you reach better days.

Kaet Must Die!

Kaet Must Die! is a brutally terrifying horror game that will leave gamers shaking. Playing as Kaetheran, you are stuck in a game of cat-and-mouse with a psychopath named Annalinnia. There is a great deal of puzzles and challenges that will lead to your death and suffering unless solved in time! With gameplay located in a sewer that’s engineered with an great cyberpunk style, there are plenty of jump scares that will scare the crap out of you. Kaet Must Die! is available on Steam currently, with future versions being created for Xbox One and Switch.

City of Brass

Coming to Steam on May 4th, City of Brass is an Arabian Nights-themed first-person action game. It’s up to you to avoid your death and escape the hostile city, which has guards and other military figures that are seeking to find and destroy you. The storylines features a thief that is trying to get away without being caught, and the only weapons available are a whip and a scimitar (a short sword). Make sure to avoid the gas traps, blades, arrows, and other elements that will be launched at you. It is also important to utilize the city’s genies, who can give you magical powers that aid your escape. City of Brass is no joke, so be prepared to die and expect yourself to keep coming back for more with each run at it!

Ion Maiden

Ion Maiden is a first-person shooter with some of the best roots in gaming history. Its ingenuity comes from the famous Build engine, belonging to 3D Realms, that was also used to create classic games such as Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and a plethora of other 1990’s hits. Ion Maiden’s pixel art is unique, and utilizes its storyline to emerge you in the game. As a secret agent, you need to survive and try to not leave too much gore behind! With plenty of Easter Eggs and other hidden secrets, Ion Maiden is surely a classic. It was released by 3D Realms in February, and is available on Steam.


Trailmakers is a creative adventure similar to Make Sail, except this time it involves race cars. With an open environment, you can create the perfect contraption and race around to destroy basically whatever you please! There are jungles, deserts, and so much more to explore with your vehicle. Gather up friends and race each other or just build crazy cars that will leave your pals in awe. The game is fast-paced and perfect for multiplayer fun. Currently in early access, the official release date for Trailmakers on Steam is unannounced.

Coffee Crisis

The perfect 90’s nostalgic brawler game, Coffee Crisis will surely bring back memories of Mortal Kombat and similar titles. Going up against an army of aliens, you and a friend (yes, it is multiplayer) are in tasked with an essential mission: defending all WiFi on Earth! There are multiple game modes available on Coffee Crisis, and a creatively hilarious variety of guns and characters as well. This action-packed killing spree will end up in a whole lot of dead extraterrestrial creatures and mongrels. Look for Coffee Crisis on Steam in May.

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