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Order Up: Mutropolis (Review)

In the far-off future, a team of archaeologists is about to uncover something very special – and dangerous – in the ruins of planet Earth…

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Seraph of the End: Season 1 Part 2 (Review)

Secret experiments, vampires and cursed demon weapons that drink blood?!… Count me in! RogueSymbiote reviews Seraph of the End Season 1 Part 2

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 19 (Review)

My Hero Academia spotlights the UA students various internships in this week’s episode!

Critical Role: Episodes 54 and 55 Review

I.Am.No.Man reviews episodes 54 and 55 of Critical Role. Vox Machina take on Umbrasyl, a member of the Chroma Conclave, in a harrowing two part battle.

KanColle: Kantai Collection Blu-ray (Review)

AlanV shares his thoughts on the KanColle: Kantai blu ray set from Funimation!

Aho Girl: Episode 5 (Review)

Summer is here, which means it’s the perfect time to enjoy beach episodes of Aho Girl! EyeSpyeAlex catches us up on the latest episodes.

Boston Comic Con Preview

With the convention season well underway, EyeSpyeAlex tells us what she’ll be looking forward to at Boston Comic Con this weekend!

Samurai Warriors: The Complete Series (Review)

Two brothers square off in the ultimate battle for honor and peace! RogueSymbiote reviews Samurai Warriors: The Complete Series

Origin: Spirits of the Past (Review)

The world has been overrun by sentient plant life?! I promise it’s more interesting than it sounds! RogueSymbiote reviews Origin: Spirits of the Past

Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

ThunderHeavyArm reviews the pacifistic exploration and building title from Prideful Sloth: Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles!

Princess Principal Episodes 4 – 5 (Review)

Having recovered from the summer flu, EyeSpyeAlex catches us up on the latest two episodes summer spy hit of Princess Principal!

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