Video Game Review- Final Fantasy Explorers

VeteranCroagunk finds a new job in Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS!

Manga Review – Food Wars! Vol. 10

In Food Wars! volume 10, a stunning upset leads to one of Soma Yukihara’s most challenging battles yet!

Fun & Games: Oath of the Gatewatch Review

Today ALuckyBum takes a look at the latest set in Magic, and the impact the new colorless mechanic will have on future deck-builds.

Manga Review – My Hero Academia Vol. 3

In My Hero Academia’s latest installment, our heroes are pushed to the limit as they battle an enemy powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with All-Might!

Video Game Review – Nom Nom Galaxy

Scarlette makes space soup! Check out her latest review on Nom Nom Galaxy

Kickstart your Weekend – Children of Zodiarcs

Archmage Kickstarts Children of Zodiarcs

Flipping the Script: Shows that Defy the typical Anime Formula

In her first article for Mithical Entertainment, Scarlette takes a look at a few anime series that have taken the conventional formula and flipped it on its head.

Moving Online: Why some of the best products may not be in stores

Today Kirk takes a look at the shift of new products being available exclusively online as opposed to brick-and-mortar stores.

Anime First Look – BBK/BRNK

A series that attempts to revitalize the spirit of Voltron, BBK/BRNK makes some missteps with its formulaic character development and awkward animation style. However, there’s a bit too much promise buried beneath the exterior to ignore it outright.

Video Game Review – The Witness

A beautiful and engaging puzzler, The Witness draws you into its rich and vibrant world and refuses to let you go until you overcome its numerous riddles.

Funimation Now – Should We Be Watching?

Funimation will be re-launching its new and improved streaming service, “Funimation Now”, in May. Mithrandiel had a chance to run some questions by Funimation COO Mike DuBoise to find out just what will make this new service so unique.

Let’s Discuss: Modern Mobile Classics

Today Kirk takes a look at some of his favorite mobile titles.

Anime First Look – Myriad Colors Phantom World

A bright and cheerful opening episode leaves me with a lot of optimism regarding Myriad Colors Phantom World; a series that utilizes self-awareness to great effect.

Anime First Look – Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

A refreshing departure from the rest of the Winter season’s offerings, Rakugo is an immersive and engaging character drama that should be on everyone’s must-watch list.

Anime First Look – Schwarzes Marken

Though Schwarzes Marken features a stunningly familiar universe, a unique twist on a divided Germany combined with a well-executed display of man’s inhumanity to man makes the series more than worth your time.

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