Eden of the East Boxset Review

What would you do if you awoke with no name & billions of dollars? Eden of the East explores this exact premise! Check out our review on the boxset release!

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Disc Creatures (Review)

Take a step back into the Gameboy era with the new, charming monster-catcher RPG, Disc Creatures! Explore the world, find and face rare creatures, and live out your DiscR hero dreams.

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Anime Expo Day 0 – Let the (Pre) Show Begin!

Mithrandiel recaps his the pre-show events from Anime Expo 2017!

Dragon Ball Z KAI: The Final Chapters Part 3 (Box Set Review)

Dragon Ball Z Kai comes to an exciting conclusion! Gohan is awesome again and Vegito is born! RogueSymbiote reviews the final box set for Dragon Ball Z Kai

Critical Role Recap: The Chroma Conclave Part 2

I.Am.No.Man continues the Chroma Conclave arc. Vox Machina see some old friends, find some cool armor, and put their lives on the line to save the world.

Mithical Entertainment At Anime Expo 2017 – What to Expect This Weekend

Mithrandiel excitedly shares the team’s plans for the weekend as Anime Expo 2017 rapidly approaches!

Valkyria Revolution (Review)

Mithrandiel shares his experience with Valkyria Revolution…and longingly awaits his turn at the guillotine.

My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 13 (Review)

The most recent arc wraps up with this week’s episode of My Hero Academia! AlanV shares his thoughts!

RWBY Volume 4 Blu-Ray Review

Zelyhon takes a look at the (at this time) latest season of RWBY’s release on DVD and Blu-Ray, which does an excellent job adding to what was already there.

Divine Gate: Complete Series (Box Set Review)

The Divine Gate has merged 3 worlds into 1 and bestowed elemental powers to humans! RogueSymbiote reviews the box set for Divine Gate: The Complete Series

Attack on Titan: Episode 12 (Review)

The season finale of Attack on Titan is here! Major spoilers follow as EyeSpyeAlex takes us through all the gory details and revelations.

Critical Role Recap: The Chroma Conclave Part 1

I.Am.No.Man is back with the next chapter of Critical Role. There’s a giant purple people eating worm. And dragons! Lots and lots of dragons.

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