Overlord II – Episode 9

By: Hailestorm


A Beating Well Deserved

Wow, this was a good episode and chock full of action! I thought seeing Brain and Climb tag along with Sebas might get a bit boring. Turns out they were an exciting main attraction. I’m getting ahead of myself though, Sebas gave us a satisfying scene. First, he took off a giant metal door like it was nothing. Then he proceeded to single-handedly take down everyone within the room. The best part though? He destroyed (and I mean that literally) that fat, horrible excuse for a human being. That scene with him beating and almost raping that poor woman was arguably the most graphic scene of this series. Which was followed by the second most graphic scene when Sebas kicked a hole through him. Despite all that, the best part was likely when Sebas was slapping the guy silly. It was well deserved and hilarious at the same time.

Got ya!

Guts Won’t Win, But Brain Will

It turns out that Climb may not be the most gifted with a sword, but the kid has guts, even when he gets stabbed! The best thing about Climb is that he is all heart and never gives up. He actually did fairly well against one of the 8 Fingers henchmen. That illusion martial art is a great little trick and it made for an entertaining fight. Ultimately though it was Brain to the rescue. Brain might be no match for the likes of Shalltear or Sebas, but against other humans, he’s one of the best. It was nice to see Brain and Climb come together in a positive way. Even more satisfying is that it felt like they both got a win.

All of that was good fun and positive to boot, but the ending with Sebas was a bit annoying. I would have liked to see the episode end with a Sebas Ainz conversation, instead, we will have to wait until next episode. The other ending, however, was a complete shock. I never saw that coming. Princess Renner is something or someone else. It’s too early to tell, but she’s either not the real Princess or her is and no one knows the truth. She doesn’t seem completely human. She is clearly a psycho and obsessed with Climb. Here I thought she was one of the goodiest good guys/gals around, turns out she could be very dangerous!

Overlord II - Episode 9

Overlord II - Episode 9


9.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10

What Works

  • Action!
  • Sebas Being A Badass
  • Disgusting Fat Guy Goes Splat
  • Brain and Climb Work Together

What Hurts

  • Wish we would have seen what Ainz says to Sebas

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