Overlord II – Episode 8

By: Hailestorm

I guess she doesn’t like it when you say her name?

V-Cards & Cursed Swords Aplenty

This episode was interesting in a few ways, but the action wasn’t one of them. That’s okay though, the drama was amped up, characters were brought together and storylines were intertwined.  This was another episode all about the humans of Overlord and the gentleman Sebas.

The name of Momon and Nabe is spreading across the land. We see more and more human characters speak the names or telling stories about them. It was no different here, with two new characters, Miss Gagaran and Evileye? Gagaran seems to want to take Climb’s V-Card, seems his heart belongs to the princess. It still made for some funny dialogue between the two, especially because she would no doubt crush the poor little guy. Evileye is interesting, she doesn’t want attention drawn to her name, I wonder why? Also, it seems Lakyus is in the possession of a rare and cursed sword. This information was a bit random, apparently, she can’t wield it, despite having holy rings for help. I still liked it as it made there seem like there was more to her than meets the eye. In addition, the scenes were pretty humorous.

Episode 8

I mean there is a lot to be said, but hey let’s go kick some ass instead!

Two Humans Just Following One Badass Butler

The rest of the episode was the Sebas, Climb, and Brain show. Sebas is still out saving people as he walks around. His power so great and not hidden that Climb took notice. Climb will take advice from any warrior he sees, even one off the street. The difference here is that Sebas was honest with him. Hell, he almost killed him! In his defense, though he warned Climb ahead of time. I’m glad Climb went through with it because seeing that crazy space other dimension move from Sebas was completely worth it. In the end Climb’s courage in the face of death is what motivated Brain. I guess I was wrong, these two seem to have a purpose after all.

Sebas really seems to have the biggest heart out of everyone in Nazarick. Of course, this makes me wonder if that will be his downfall. He’s off to go fight the 8 Fingers organization with Brain and Climb by his side. I’m not worried about Sebas dying in battle, but these two? There is definitely a good chance on of them doesn’t walk away from this. Sebas is noble but bold, what would Ainz think about him being the Robin Hood of the town? Hopefully, we find out in the next episode!


Overlord II - Episode 8

Overlord II - Episode 8


8.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


8.0 /10

What Works

  • Sebas Shows Us A Wicked Move
  • Climb & Brain Come Together
  • 2 New Characters & Of Course, V-Card

What Hurts

  • Not Much Action
  • Slow Pace

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