Overlord II – Episode 5 (Review)

By: HaileStorm

This is why you don’t spy on people… Or Lizards.

Funny, Then Action Packed

Although it may not justify the lack of quality in the first three episodes, it seems we are receiving payoff to all the Lizard Men build up. Before the action, we were treated to some funny moments. Shalltear received her “punishment.” Although it hardly seemed a punishment to her. The character has been made a bit kinkier than Ains was expecting. I’ve never heard of anyone getting off as being someone’s chair, but hey different strokes, different folks. Another entertaining albeit predictable moment, was when Ains was looking for Zaryusu and Crusch. Sure enough, he got way more than he was expecting as he accidentally spied on them “enjoying their last few hours” together.


The light-hearted tone didn’t last long. The respectable, calm Cocytus was prepared to do battle with the strongest of the Lizard Men. I think we all knew how this was going to go, they didn’t stand a chance. It was still exciting, as Cocytus had yet to show us his strength. He’s exactly how I imagined, a walking talking tank of a guardian. He made quick work of just about all of the chiefs. It was difficult not to feel at least a little bad as they were literally cut down. There was finally a slight emotion for these characters when all that was left was Zaryusu and Shasuryu. Two brothers, knowingly about to die in battle together. Their caring for one another and saying their goodbyes was poetic and heartfelt. A fitting end to their lineage and time on the show.

That was quick!

Resurrected With Purpose

That didn’t last long though! Cocytus seems to hold more than respect for the Lizard Men. Dare I say he cares for them? Not sure a guardian can even experience that when it comes to “lesser beings.” In any case, this brought a swift revival to Zaryusu. The reasoning for Ains was that in return for his revival Crusch would keep an eye on the tribe of the Lizard Men for any that would betray or oppose him. Although he could easily wipe them out, the reasoning seems to be to weed out any potential players such as himself hiding amongst their numbers. Only time will tell if keeping the Lizard Men around will come back to haunt Ains. For now it’s a better payoff than bringing these character to the forefront for three episodes, only to wipe them out.


It seems we may even see the return of Shasuryu and Zenberu at the request of the newly revived Zaryusu. Bringing them back makes sense from a character and story perspective. I for one would be happy to see them return and have all the main Lizard characters playing off each other. After being revived will the chiefs be grateful and in return be loyal to Ains? Or will they be plotting their revenge in the not too distant future? In addition, will Crusch keep her promise? What if potential traitors end up being those she’s close to? It will be interesting to see how these relationships play out, especially with Cocytus being in charge of them. Most importantly though, Rororo is still with us!

Overlord II - Episode 5

Overlord II - Episode 5


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10

What Works

  • A Payoff For All The Bad Buildup
  • Definitely Some Funny Moments
  • Action Packed
  • Seeing Cocytus Fight

What Hurts

  • A Bit Too Predictable

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  1. Fucks sake says:

    The only bad buildup was reading all of these reviews up until this one, except no “payoff” here either

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