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Overlord II – Episode 13

The Struggle Is Real

Season Wrap Up, Humans Struggle

Well, Overlord season two has officially come and gone. It had its ups and downs, but overall it was a hit. The last episode of the season decided to wrap things up in a relatively big way. It was an all-out battle for the humans just to stay alive. From hellhounds to low-level demons to that big man-eating thing with warts. They struggled but it turns out they all survived. Some fought harder than others, such as Evileye, it seems like if they were actually trying to kill her she’d be dead. Still, the maids agreed she was a pretty good fighter. Everyone except for Neb of course. Who realized she was the only one out of the group that either didn’t get along with humans or couldn’t remember a single one’s name. It looks like some of Nazarick can stand humans after all.


I Thought She Was Really Old?

Tying Up Loose Ends, No Love For Humans

The reveal, of course, came when Ainz and Demiurge sat down in a building together discussing the plans. It turns out that Demiurge used this as a way to tie up some loose ends. The 8 Fingers fiasco, combined with some items, a way to gather enough income to last awhile. And of course, add more workforce with the humans they’d taken. It was in this moment Ainz acknowledged to himself that ever since he became Ainz, he had lost his sentiment for humans, despite being one once upon a time. Still, he told Demiurge to make their deaths quick and painless. I thought for a bit that he’d let them go, but I suppose he really doesn’t feel anything towards them, for the good of Nazarick.


Let’s Just Chill

Nazarick V.S. Nazarick

Some surprises came our way, first the fact that Nazarick pitted against Nazarick hardly pretended to fight each other, most of the time they just hid and spoke amongst themselves. The other is that Gagaran and Tina were revived. No real explanation here, simply they’re back. In the end, as always we were left with questions. Who was the white figure on the roof? That clearly wasn’t Shalltear, plus she or it stopped dead in her tracks at the site of Climb. Was it Princess Renner? With the devilish smile but a full strength, Climb left me wondering, is she going to lock him up and “play” with him? Or is that for another time? Last but not least, what was with the random King and old magic user we had never seen? I guess they’ll be important players in the coming season, I imagine they’re strong as well. Overall a fan service type episode to wrap things up. However, it didn’t leave us with too many surprises or a lot of real action. I only hope next season starts off better than this one did!

Overlord II - Episode 13

Overlord II - Episode 13


7.5 /10


9.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.5 /10

What Works

  • Fan Service
  • Action & Big Fights
  • New Creatures and Demons
  • Funny Moments

What Hurts

  • Some Fake Fights Weren't Too Thrilling
  • Slightly Annoying Cliff Hanger


  1. Fucks sake says:

    “I thought she was really old”….
    She’s a vampire.

  2. LOL! says:

    Holy shit, does this person still think that lady on the roof wasn’t Shalltear? XD My god, dumb as hell.

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