Overlord Season 2 – Episode 2 (Review)

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  1. Gooch says:

    Read the light novels and stop yapping like a loon. You only have a point about the pacing, and that is, the Lizard men arc should have been way longer. We should have seen more Lizards, not less of them.

    And, did you just really try to rationalize why a Lizard-man (who is basically 50% beast) would make a mating call upon meeting an attractive female for the first time? Lord of Mercy…

  2. peeper says:

    9 episodes in and this season is the worst anime I’ve seen in a few years. Usually I drop animes like this quite fast, but season 1 has shown that it actually can be quite interesting. If season 1 was a 7/10, then season 2 is 1/10.

    1. Casanova says:

      You haven’t seen enough anime if this is the worst you’ve seen in a few years. If you haven’t had to claw your eyes out yet, then you’ve been spared the actual worst anime. This season is doing a lot more setup in terms of new characters and story-lines being introduced, but the payoff is when they converge into something truly spectacular, with the potential to easily surpass Season 1. So have some patience and finish the entire season before jumping to conclusions.

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