Opinion – Captain America: Civil War is just what the Marvel Universe needs

By: Mithrandiel

So if you’ve been anywhere near the internet today you probably saw the ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN trailer for Captain America: Civil War. I just watched it for the 3rd time and in the meantime the view counter went up by 1.2 million. Still, if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, enjoy –

Alright, come back to me now. Deep breaths…in…then out…good.

Okay, so…needless to say this movie is looking amazing. Disregarding the final 10 seconds, the rest of the trailer sets up an intense showdown between the dashing Tony Stark (Iron Man) and principled Steven Rodgers (Captain America). Numerous details have surfaced regarding Civil War in the last few weeks, including the fact that it will be the longest Marvel movie to date.Fans are optimistic that with the time given will allow the Russo brothers to really dive into the civil war storyline.

In addition to the runtime, today we got this “amazing” surprise:

spider man

There are already some concerns about the look of this spidey being a bit heavy on the CGI side, but the general consensus is that Spider-Man’s inclusion would be essential to telling the Civil War story properly. For quite some time there was some serious concern about whether or not Marvel would be able to use Spider-Man at all, so his dramatic reveal is a collective sigh of relief for Marvel fans.

Personally, I think this film couldn’t have been better timed. After the underwhelming performance of Age of Ultron, many of the recent Marvel films have missed the mark. Guardians of the Galaxy was well-done, but the other films surrounding the Avengers universe fell flat. None of the movies since the initial Avengers film has really captured that scale and intensity while preserving quality character development and exploration. Captain America: Civil War is so exciting precisely because it’s going to welcome viewers into a climactic event within the Marvel universe that is going to leave lasting effect on the rest of the Marvel universe. The fracture within the Avengers team, as well as the inevitable fallout of their battle, is something that goes far beyond a traditional climax that wraps things up neatly and moves on to the next film in the franchise.

If the action wasn’t enough to draw in an audience, the general premise of a superhero registry, as well as Captain America’s staunch opposition to it, echoes many of the larger conversations happening around our own security. This theme of rebellion is sure to resonate, as people across the country continue to debate the infamous FBI iPhone inquiryCivil War is sure to spark even more conversation around this theme as it makes its way into the mainstream of popular culture.

In short – Captain America: Civil War is sure to be a great movie, and is on track to deliver a much needed jolt to the Marvel universe. Slated for a May release, it has all the makings of being the next Marvel classic. In the hands of the capable Russo brothers I’m sure that we’re in for a movie that will set the bar for the next cycle of Marvel movies to come, all leading up to the Infinity Gauntlet movies – scheduled in two parts to be released in May 2018 and 2019 respectively.



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