My Hero Academia – Volume 13 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

The students ready to complete the final part of their exam – a rescue mission! The students earn points based on not only how many people they rescue, but how the strategize the rescue and their attitude during the rescue. Having a positive attitude is something Midoriya quickly adapts, while others like Bakugo struggle with their customer service demeanor. The situation grows even more intense when heroes posing as villains show up to rumble.

What seems like it will be any easy divide and conquer mission turns sour as Todoroki and Yoarashi clash. Todoroki learns that Yoarashi dislikes him because Todoroki behaved just like his father, Endeavor, at the U.A. entrance ceremony. What Todoroki viewed as just being dismissive was actually an encounter which devastated Yoarashi. Luckily the pair are able to overcome their differences and subdue the “villains” in time for the other students to rescue any nearby victims.

Just as quickly as it begins, their exam is over, and the students quickly gather to see who earned their provisional license. In a surprising turn of events Todoroki, Yoarashi, and Bakugo fail the exam. As the students prepare to head back to school, Midoriya catches up with hairy guy to ask them about their training and cloaking abilities. He tells Midoriya that they don’t do that sort of training and he isn’t sure why Camie told him that. Unbeknownst to everyone, Camie was actually Toga in disguise! Her infiltration mission is considered a success as she secured some of Izuku’s blood.

While the exam is going on, All Might meets with All for One to learn what the villain’s end game is. After some giving his monologue about setting up a legacy of destruction, All for One thanks All Might for his extremely public retirement. Without that, the villains in the world wouldn’t have been stirred into action, ready to destroy any peace that humanity has. Ever the hero, All Might refuses to accept the future All for One sees, vowing to not let Shigaraki kill him and to continue living as a beacon of hope.

Back at school, Bakugo mentions to Midoriya that he wants to meet later to discuss Midoriya’s quirk. Upon meeting up, Bakugo drops a major bombshell: he knows All Might gave Midoriya his quirk. Bakugo then challenges Midoriya to a fight to see if Midoriya is worthy of the attention All Might has been giving him. Midoriya initially holds back until in a fit of rage and anguish Bakugo reveals that he blames himself for causing All Might to lose his power. Sensing that the fight may be therapeutic for his Bakugo, Midoriya agrees to give it his all.

The Review

This latest volume of My Hero Academia really provided all the action, excitement, and drama I was looking for! I really like how each major event happening was not only addressed but given the time and pages to address it succinctly. It’s almost like Game of Thrones in that regard; providing tantalizing snippets of each story line to keep us coming back for more. The art and illustrations in this volume are top notch as well, providing both great character reaction faces and epic fight scenes.

The thing that really stood out to me in this latest volume was the depth of the characters, particularly All Might and Bakugo. Now in retirement, All Might is more or less freed from his facade that everything is alright. He is allowed to feel guilt over the situation involving Shigaraki and his master’s legacy. He is also allowed to feel raw determination in ensuring that good will prevail. Similarly, Bakugo expresses guilt and grief at what he perceives as his fault that All Might lost his power. Revealing the true reason for Bakugo’s challenge not only allows the reader to sympathize with him, it provides a complex layer to his relationship with Midoriya and the fight as well. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

Fans looking to pick up My Hero Academia Volume 13 can purchase it now in stores or here from Viz Media.

Note: VIZ Media provided us with a review copy of this volume in exchange for our honest review.

My Hero Academia - Volume 13

My Hero Academia - Volume 13


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10

What Works

  • Complex characters make it easier for readers to sympathize and connect with them
  • Story is focused and driven
  • Art is dynamic and extremely detailed

What Hurts

  • The next volume isn't out yet

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