My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 8 (Review)

By: AlanV

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Episode eight of the second season shifts its focus to the rest of the students that have yet to be eliminated from the tournament. The battles don’t last very long, only lasting about a minute or so. Most the entertainment comes from the goofiness on display, courtesy of the usual suspects.

The funniest moments come when Iida takes on Hatsume. It lets Iida shine as his gloriously naïve and earnest self. Hatsume tricks him into wearing some of the gear she has cooked up, which lets her impress companies on the lookout for support students to add to their ranks. Iida essentially becomes a ten-minute commercial for her wares.

It’s obvious that this episode falls into the filler category, but it’s still disappointing to see that the fights were so short. Up to this point there hasn’t been an opportunity to see the students go toe-to-toe so it feels like more could have been done with these segments. The biggest letdown was the matchup of Tokoyami versus Yaoyorozu. It looked like it was going to be a good one because they’re both strong, but it was over in seconds.

The comedy comes to an end towards the end of the episode, though. Ochako is in a waiting room at the stadium getting mentally prepared for her fight against Bakugo. It’s obvious that she’s nervous about the upcoming bout but, she also has a resolute attitude. It’s a side of her personality not seen before, and it even catches Deku off-guard.

This episode was designed to try and get through the rest of the field as quickly as possible, but it suffered for it. However, it does redeem itself with the comedic portions. It also sets up what looks to be a tantalizing matchup between Ochako and Bakugo, where she will probably surprise some viewers with what she’s capable of.

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