My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 21

By: AlanV

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After taking a week off My Hero Academia is back, and class 1-A has to prepare for the upcoming final exams. They need to do well if they want an opportunity to attend the training camp setup by the school. The exams will test both their knowledge and their physical abilities.

Right off the bat we’re treated to some Mineta, with him gleefully observing a television appearance by Mt. Lady and Midnight spin out of control. The biggest surprise is that he’s actually a decent student, which according to Aoyama makes him even more unlikeable. Mineta isn’t a good character, but how he’s used and how often he’s used is very good.

Yaoyorozu also gets some welcomed screen time. She popped in during previous episodes for comedic effect, but now viewers as well as her classmates are treated to some semblance of a backstory. She is filthy rich, but doesn’t seem to have any of the negative character traits that are associated with someone who’s that wealthy. She even goes out of her way to help some classmates study, with her kindness and politeness on full display. Froppy gets a lot of love from fans, but they shouldn’t sleep on Yaoyorozu.

The episode has a quick montage to get past the studying and knowledge based part of the exam. It’s used to great effect to transition to what is undoubtedly the more exciting part of the exam, the practical test.

The students are thrown a curveball when they find out that they’ll be randomly paired up, and they’ll have to face off against one of the members of the faculty. They’re paired up brilliantly, with the aim of getting them to assess their weaknesses and how they can work together to shore up those weaknesses.

There are no real surprises in how the pairs are chosen. Bakugo and Deku are put together after Eraserhead notices that Bakugo’s dislike of Deku could be festering into something more sinister. Bakugo doesn’t have to enjoy spending time with Deku, however, he does have to acknowledge that he is his equal and deserves some respect rather than unending contempt.

The first pair of students gets to face off against the staff and it goes as expected with the students getting schooled. The far more interesting battles will come up in the next few episodes, with two in particular to really look forward to.

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