My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 20 (Review)

By: AlanV

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The students of Class-1A are back on campus after their weeklong internships. They quickly resume their hero training courtesy of All Might, and get the opportunity to assess the progress they’ve all made. For Deku, however, it’s more than just another training session. He will finally learn about the origins of the quirk One for All.

The training exercise the class participates in is fairly standard, with the objective being coming to the aid of All Might. Deku is able to strut his stuff, moving far better than any of his classmates expect him to. It’s incredibly rewarding as a viewer who has been following his growth watch his peers give him the credit he deserves. That this makes Bakugo lose his mind is just a cherry on top.

A Mineta sighting is also in the cards after what felt like a missed opportunity in the previous episode. He’s up to his usual antics, attempting to sneak a peek into the girls’ locker room through a hole in the wall. He is immediately checked by Jiro, who uses her ears to stab him right in the eye. Yeah, that definitely feels right.

Although the first half of the episode is a fun training segment and some shenanigans, it immediately pivots to the discussion All Might has with Deku. He finally reveals to Deku the origin of their quirk, and it’s dark. It’s unexpected that a power that is wielded in such a positive way can stem from such evil circumstances.

This revelatory moment also shifts the scope of this story into something grander. Instead of just watching Deku grow into the next symbol of peace, viewers will now know that the stakes are far greater. That there is a villain who cast a far shadow in the past is still out there, and it’s an opponent that Deku will need to face head on.

This episode of My Hero Academia started out benign enough, but quickly shifts to focusing on the threat that the future heroes must face down. Judging by the fact that it’s a menace that All Might couldn’t defeat, Deku and his friends will have a hell of a fight on their hands.

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