My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 19 (Review)

By; AlanV

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While Iida and Todoroki are released from the hospital, Deku still needs more time to heal. This break in the story allows for some time to check-in on how the other students are doing. In the last few episodes we’ve gotten some glimpse here and there into their internships, but this episode is all about those experiences. The biggest takeaway is that the budding heroes are learning about what it means to be a hero, and that it isn’t always an action-packed job.

Some of the students, of course, are having a harder time grasping the concept. As expected, Bakugo is struggling mightily to remain even keeled. While his histrionics serve him well when he’s fighting opponents, this level of energy isn’t helpful when he needs to be out in public. A key part of being a good hero is lending a sense of safety and security to the community, as boring as it sounds.

On the flip side, you have Froppy (Tsuyu Asui) who ends up being the focus of the episode. While she’s frustrated with some of the monotony of her specific internship, she’s still able continue her growth as a future hero. It’s also an opportunity for viewers to see her strength when she helps her mentors complete a mission, which is nice because she is usually in the background when a lot of the other characters are on screen.

The biggest question that popped during this episode is: Where is Mineta? That might seem like an odd question considering all his great classmates. However, considering how much of a bad time he was having the last time we got to see him in “action” it felt like there were some good laughs that were missed out on.

At the very least viewers are given some decent comedic relief with Selkie, the pro hero in charge of the agency where Froppy is interning. He’s a powerful, towering figure who on the surface appears to be nothing but serious business. This image is quickly eradicated, as Selkie enjoys going into full cute mode whenever possible. The best part is that everyone around him hates it, except Froppy.

This episode of My Hero Academia is mostly filler, but it’s still good. It’s surprising that the majority of the episode is Froppy based, but in a good way.

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