My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 18 (Review)

By; AlanV

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Deku, Todoroki and Iida are recovering in the hospital both physically and emotionally after their harrowing fight against Stain the Hero Killer. While the young heroes rest there is a stirring amongst the villains who mostly stayed in the shadows, who are inspired by the atrocities that were committed by Stain.

There are only a few glimpses shown of the villains who will most likely play a pivotal role in the episodes to come, so it’s impossible to tell if they will be as sinister or interesting as Stain. However, judging by what was shown they do seem like they will at least come close to it. Even if they aren’t all Stain level it does feel as if there being this many of them will make them worthy additions to the story.

Speaking of Stain, the episode spends a few minutes with his origin story. This serves as both an integral part of how other villains learn about him and are galvanized by him, while giving viewers a peek at what makes him tick. His arc of going from being a student at a hero academy to trying to preach to people on the streets to ultimately landing at being Stain the Hero Killer is fascinating to hear.

As usual there is a bit of humor injected into the episode to break up some the intensity of the story. Deku, Todoroki and Iida are able to make each other laugh in order to cope with the outcome of the fight and what it means for them going forward. Meanwhile, we are also treated yet again to Bakugo having to deal with his new reality as an intern with Best Jeanist. To top off it all off we also get a look at Momo and Itsuka come to grips with the glamour their internship comes with. The face on Momo during a photoshoot is priceless and just as enjoyable as Bakugo’s scenes.

There’s also a touching moment between Deku and Ochako. They have a phone conversation catching up following the events in Hosu city. Deku remarks how nice it is to be able to talk on the phone with her. However, for a duo of their age wouldn’t a better way to do this be through texting? Despite the implausibility of a phone call it’s another nice touch in this episode.

This episode of My Hero Academia is a heavy one, but it’s livened up by the humor that is expected from this anime. It felt balanced and feels like a nice transition to whatever happens to be coming next.

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