My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 17 (Review)

By: AlanV

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Deku, Todoroki and Iida continue to fight for survival against Stain the Hero Killer. They’ve managed to get a better grasp of Stain’s quirk and how to best fend him off, but it’s a battle that will require they work together in order to stop him. Meanwhile, the attack being conducted by the League of Villains is quickly put to a halt by the second highest ranking hero Endeavor.

As this second season has progressed we have only had the opportunity to view Endeavor be a crappy dad for Todoroki. So it was incredibly odd to view him in such a heroic light, with him easily finishing off the badies that are attacking Hosu city and directing other pro heroes in what to do next. It served as a reminder that he is in fact only second best to All Might and is capable of being helpful.

Speaking of being helpful, Iida is finally able to snap out of his stupor to get back into the fight and help Deku and Todoroki. These last few episodes we’ve seen Iida reach into his memory bank as he tries to sort out his feelings and get on the right track, so it was nice to see him get his stuff together. Todoroki is instrumental in getting him to this point, and it served as a way for him pay it forward the same way Deku helped him earlier in the season.

Once Iida comes to his senses and is able to join his classmates the action hits peak awesome. The most interesting moment comes when Iida requests that Todoroki cool off the equipment that lets him boost from his legs, which lets him go all out on Stain. It all culminates with Iida and Deku rushing towards the Hero Killer and nailing him with a knock-out combination of a punch and a kick. It’s so rewarding to see Stain’s facial contortions when he’s hit with these moves.

As the episode chugs along it felt as if the boys would need to be helped by Endeavor or Gran Torino, with them coming in to put an end to the Hero Killer’s reign of terror. Ultimately, they end up defeating and capturing Stain on their own. However, Stain ends up breaking free purely by reaction. With his ultimate undoing being a punctured lung. It certainly doesn’t come to the expected conclusion, and might be disappointing to some viewers.

This episode lives up to its title name of Climax, neatly wrapping up the saga of Stain the Hero Killer. Although some might not like how it wrapped up it was still an entertaining ride.

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