My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 15 (Review)

By: AlanV

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The kids of Class 1-A continue to work hard with their mentors to improve themselves and leave a good impression. For the most part there are only glances as to what most of them are up to, mostly for comedic effect. Meanwhile, the League of Villains works towards solidifying a working partnership with Stain the Hero Killer.

The ever-lively hero Gran Torino makes headway when it comes to Deku’s training. Controlling his power has been an issue up to this point, with him having to injure himself to conduct an attack. He is progressing to the point where the power flow can freely throughout his body for better effect. All Might helped Deku reach a certain point in regards to his physical strength, and it looks as if he will get the mental training he needs from Gran Torino to make full use of his powers.

Speaking of control issues, Bakugo only gets a very small part in this episode, but it’s one of the best moments. He receives a very long winded lecture on what it means to be a hero from Best Jeanist, all while getting a haircut that is very much of brand for that hero. Nonetheless, Bakugo continues to be himself with even his hair being wild and rebellious. It’s a small moment, but it’s part of what continues to make the anime so much fun to watch.

Iida has his own issues to sort through. He’s on the receiving end of a sensible talk from his mentor, who has noticed that he is out to avenge his brother. Iida has a hard time squaring his feelings and emotions with how he is supposed to handle his situation in a heroic manner. For a moment, it felt as if Iida could easily be on the path of villainy because of his anger at that time towards how society expects him to behave.

Then there is the League of Villains and Stain the Hero Killer. This is a partnership that is tentative at best. The only real thing that bonds this whole crazy enterprise together is the desire to create a chaos, to rip down society as it currently stands. Even though both sides disagree on what is ailing society to begin with. How long these two factions can work with one another is uncertain.

There is a lot going in this episode of My Hero Academia, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. It’s able to focus on the bigger picture of the plot while not forgetting about the characters on the side.

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