My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 11

By: AlanV

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This week’s episode of My Hero Academia covers a lot of ground. It deals with the aftermath of Deku’s loss to Todoroki, the rest of the matches leading up to the finals, and a villain looking to eliminate heroes emerges.

Deku went through a lot physically in his fight, but he must also deal with the loss mentally once Recovery Girl heals his wounds. He regrets having helped unlocked Todoroki’s potential, however it’s just a part of who Deku is as a character so it was unavoidable. It also reinforces why All Might has chosen him to be his successor. All Might reminds Deku of this when he sees that his conviction begins to waver.

The rest of the participants continue to fight on in hopes of making it to the finals. Nothing unexpected happens in these contests, and the show is more than happy to get past this section by having all the fights play out in short montages. The most interesting of the bunch is Iida versus Todoroki, nonetheless the outcome won’t be surprising to anyone.

An interesting storyline begins to develop as the Sports Festival carries on. A villain named the Hero Killer Stain begins to make his presence felt by living up to his name and attacking Iida’s older brother. Stain is eventually approached by another villain and will likely be asked to join them in their quest to eliminate All Might. Whether he decides to join up will be intriguing, as he looks like the type who likes to work solo.

It was always going to be difficult to continue the momentum built up by the last few episodes, but this episode does a good job of beginning to transition from the Sports Festival to whatever comes next. The final encounter of the tournament should also provide some exciting moments as two powerful students will battle it out for the top spot.

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