MW2 IW4x Puts Spin on Classic War Games

By: Goose

In 2009, Activision and Infinity Ward released one of the best first-person shooter games of all-time. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was/is a timeless classic that people still play to this very day. Back in its prime, the technology was top-notch with modernized weapons and fantastic servers. There was a variety of creative maps and new ways to customize your profile. All in all, it was legendary. Only available on the Xbox 360/PS3/PC, it began to die out in 2013 or so when next-generation consoles (Xbox One & Playstation 4) were released.

The legacy the game had left was so profound that people wanted to keep it up. Servers began to shut down due to its age, and people needed to find a way to continue playing it. Throughout most of 2016, a team of anonymous video game modders worked tirelessly to create a new server for the game on PC. Eventually, MW2 IW4x was released. It was the original game was, but with a major spin.

They had decided to combine code from both Call of Duty: Black Ops and MW2. The idea had come from NT Authority’s aIW/4D1 client that had been previously released, except their version did not have stable servers that could stay up. It was brilliant, and stays updated to this very day. There were new nodes from around the world, with multiple client hosting locations. This allowed the servers to avoid DDoS attacks and also work around any possible legal actions. The anonymous team made the entire operation completely free, and their site is hosted on the “deep web”, and can only be accessed through Tor (any onion router can open it) or a rip of the site’s onion link.

Features of the modified game include new maps from Black Ops (such as every gamer’s favorite – Nuketown), all new weapons (including the Commando assault rifle among many others), offline LAN play with nearby friends, dedicated servers that work with internet connection, and the ability to completely alter the game yourself. One can actually MAKE their own map with a program (such as a Hex Editor), and the option for in-game mods are also available. In-game mods include special Zombies modes, customized helicopters and vehicles, and a plethora of game modes (Gun Game, Quarantine, Hide & SeeK, and literally dozens of others).

In order to play MW2 IW4x, the original copy of the game must be on your computer. The original copy can be purchased on Steam, and it’s essential that all files are there. Next, you should do a search online to find instructions on how to download the client itself. This will modify the original files and upload new ones. Once you’ve followed all steps, boot the game up and connect! From here, you can either find a server and play like that or look online further for additional mods. It is completely free to download and play, and despite the fact that it is a “modded version”, IW4x is an absolutely perfect way to keep the legacy of two iconic war games alive.

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