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Mobile Games Show Out Prior to PAX East

By: Goose

With PAX East rapidly approaching, a plethora of iOS and Android games are being released – just in time to feature hands-on demos at the show! While few could believe that smartphones would ever be a viable gaming platform, the popularity of mobile gaming has grown rapidly and is has quickly become the most popular and accessible “console” out there.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get early access to three of them: Salad Hunt, Warlords of Aternum, and Bunny Blocker). Let’s take a quick look:

Bunny Blocker, an indie strategy game made by Lit A.F. Games, was a simple but fun adventure. Gameplay is top-down, and the player looks down upon multiple puzzles and obstacles. A rabbit is seeking to collect carrots while hiding from animals (specifically wolves) that attempt to kill him. It’s up to you to move the boulders, fences, and other items that block the way before he either runs into them or gets captured! Despite its bedtime-story aesthetic, it definitely has the ability to entertain gamers young and old. With no life limit and hundreds of levels, Bunny Blocker will undoubtedly provide hours of awesome fun.

Salad Hunt, which is made by the Salad Hunters team, is another innocent yet excellent experience. This dynamic mobile game is a hectic combination of mini games and action-packed adventures in a kitchen. According to their team, it “is a kitchen destruction game inspired by arcade shooters, but takes away the traditional guns and realistic violence of the genre”. Try to fend off rats and other combatants by throwing tomatoes, tables, forks and more! Just don’t start throwing forks in real life…you’ll take someone’s eye out!

Warlords of Aternum is a strategy game that offers a huge variety of magical and mystical adventures. You will face off against ogres while playing as a viking-like man with some unreal fighting abilities. Perhaps needing the most strategic gaming skills out of all listed in this piece, Warlords of Aternum requires some intelligence on battle planning and mapping out your attacks while also building an army and a steady team of allies! Be prepared to defend your land and take over new territories. InnoGames, an indie company from Germany, really hit the mark on this one.

All three games are available on both iOS and Android, and the most exciting part is that all are free to download and play! Most reviews, albeit they’re still new games, are positive so far. They will most certainly stand out and make a climb on the App Store and Google Play leaderboards. Upon the beginning of PAX, all will be available. Check them out now, and all three games will have their own booths at PAX East as well!

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