Mithical Entertainment plays…Pandemic Legacy

By: TheJewphin

A few members of the Mithical Team recently convened to being playing the game of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. Pandemic – the original game – is a cooperative board game where members of the center for disease control attempt to find cures for diseases all over the world.

Pandemic Legacy is an evolving version of Pandemic. The game changes slightly after each play based on rules unknown to the players. The setup is amazing, with multiple sealed boxes and gated rules. Additionally, your failures carry over from game to game through stickers that are placed on character cards, country cards, or the board.

The Mithical Team has gone into this game spoiler-free. With each gameplay session, I will chronicle the events as the character “The Generalist” who I have named “Maya.”







I woke up at the CDC with no memory of who I am or where I came from. They call me “The Generalist” because every time they give me something to do, I somehow know how to do it – just not very well. It is odd waking up to the knowledge that you know how to do everything… poorly.

We are not the right team for this mission. I keep sending letters to the head of the CDC, but they keep getting rejected. Our team just sounds too good on paper.

Marie Curie the 4th is our researcher. I swear she only got the job because she is the great granddaughter of the great Marie Curie. I honestly think she was working at Outback selling Blooming Onions before this.

Our medic, PFC Grady, or “Gumby” for short, has some serious focus issues. I don’t think he’s realized yet that our job is bigger than just administering cures for diseases. I think he may have PTSD because he keeps screaming about our need to “wipe out the [insert virus name] threat” in a city of six sick people while vectors are destroying other continents.

Our supervisor – for I refuse to call him a leader – told us his name is “Manowar Beastin.” It’s obvious he never should have been promoted higher than check-out clerk in the GAP, much less to the head of the only department in the CDC attempting to save the world. But like it or not, he is the dispatcher who tells us where to go.

When January started, we were sure we were on the path to saving the world. Working together, we were able to discover a cure for the plague ravaging East Asia which, for purposes of secrecy, will be referred to as “the red plague.” With diseases raging all over the world, Gumby stayed behind in order to eradicate any traces of the red plague from the world.

Then things took a turn for the worse.

A disease vector began rampaging in Africa and South America. Our superiors labeled in C0dA 403 and lumped it into the groups of diseases we were supposed to be fighting. No extra personnel were sent to help us, no extra funding was sent our way. Again, we were alone.

Manowar and Marie went to Europe to attempt to cure the black plague which had been spreading North from Cairo. Meanwhile, I traveled to Largos in a futile effort to slow the spread of C0dA 403. The things I saw there haunt me to this day. Outbreak after outbreak hit Africa, causing riots to overtake the cities. If Manowar hadn’t called for an airlift for me, I do not know if I would be here today.

We had failed.

We returned to Atlanta in mid-January to again attempt to push back the approaching death and destruction. The Government recognized our failures and, instead of bringing in a competent squad, they just gave us additional grants and sent us back in. The fools.

Gumby stuck around in South America in order to keep C0dA 403 at bay. Though the red plague returned in East Asia, it was weaker now. We didn’t even need the advanced laboratories of a research station to cure the thing. While Gumby struggled through the riots in South America, Manowar, Marie, and I met up in East Asia, put our heads together, and again cured the red plague.

We thought we were safe. The red plague was cured, C0dA 403 was being contained, and we had the information we needed to end the black plague in Europe. Marie barely avoided being caught in an outbreak in St. Petersburg. Manowar ordered Gumby to join him in Shanghai to help treat the red plague. Gumby saved a few lives in Tokyo, then caught the next plane to Sao Paulo to be closer to C0dA 403. I think he’s the only person who respects Manowar’s orders less than me.

We were all so focused on what we thought was best for the world that we ignored the problems back home. A new disease vector, the blue plague, had picked up traction in Montreal, New York, and D.C. By the time we even considered heading back, riots had already broken out in Montreal and New York. With the escalating riots and outbreaks of plagues all across the world, we were summoned back in failure.

They may send others to help us in February.

They may not.

All I know is, we were never the right people for this job.

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