Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Erica Lindbeck

By: Mithrandiel

What do Barbie, Taliyah the Stoneweaver from League of Legends and the musical prodigy Kaori from Your Lie in April have in common? They’re all brought to life by the one and only Erica Lindbeck! After Ms. Lindbeck and I met briefly at the Psycho Pass premiere I was interested in getting her insight on her recent roles, specifically what it was like providing the voice for Kaori, which would certainly be an emotional drain for any voice actress.

erica and barbie

Ms. Lindbeck was gracious enough to chat with me about this experience and more, including the value of her theatrical studies. Take a listen!

For more on Ms. Lindbeck and her work, you can visit her site here.

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