Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Alejandra Reynoso

By: Mithrandiel

Being a huge fan of the recent Castlevania series on Netflix, I’m seizing any and every opportunity I can to chat with the various people involved with the project. Recently I got to speak with the directors, Samuel & Adam Deats, as well as animation director Spencer Wan, as they detailed how the Castlevania project came to be.

Seeing as how the stellar voice acting was a major strength of the recent series, I also reached out to the various actors from the show in order to hear more from them. Alejandra Reynoso was one of the first to respond, and so I moved quickly to book the interview and chat with the Speaker-Magician Sypha herself!

Take a listen as Alejandra recounts her background in voice acting, her take on the way religion is depicted in Castlevania, and how she may or may not be the most graceful of gamers…

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