Mithical Entertainment – A Year in Review

Dear Mithical Readers,

First of all, we hope you are having a great holiday season. Whether you’re back home with family, away at school, on deployment, or anything in between, we all wish you a very happy holiday and an exciting start to a new year, which can’t get here fast enough.

Mithical Entertainment has now been operating for over a year, and in that short time-frame we’ve had the privilege of meeting some amazing individuals working in the realm of anime and video games. We’ve interviewed voice actors like Kate Oxley, Erica Lindbeck and John Swasey. We had the chance to glean insight on what makes a successful Kickstarter campaign from Christopher Badell, Ken and Ethan Erickson, and Martelo Nero. We’ve explored the challenges of creating indie games with Alx Preston, Ska Studios and Greg KasavinThese are just a handful of the numerous interviews we did this year, and I’m so grateful to all of our guests for taking the time to chat with us and shed a little light on what they do. 

Not only have we had the opportunity to interview some amazing people, we’ve also gone out and done some amazing things. We started off our year attending the premiere of Mamoru Hosoda’s The Boy and the BeastWe helped to cover the inaugural year of Silicon Valley Comic Con, revealed Square Enix’s grand plans for Final Fantasy XV at their “Uncovered” event, examined the value of an Anime Expo premier fan badge, scoped out PAX West, and met other content creators at TwitchCon. We also got an inside look at Riot Games studios in our most popular piece of the year.

In short, it’s been a very successful year for us here at Mithical Entertainment, and we want to thank all of our readers for helping to lend a small voice to our little corner of the internet.

Unfortunately, we’re not ending our year on the best note. Two days ago it was uncovered that our site had been compromised and as a result, we have lost the content we created over the last two months. It’s a sad loss, and we will be working on re-creating the content to the best of our ability in the coming weeks, but rather than dwell on the content that’s now passed, we wish to look forward to an exciting 2017.

We will be creating more video content this year, and working on rolling out a regular podcast covering anime and video game content. We are plotting out our convention schedule for 2017, and as always, actively recruiting new writers across all subjects.

Once again I want to thank all of you for your continued patronage of our site, and I invite your applications and feedback. You can find my contact information on our About Us page. I hope you all have a great New Year’s Day, and we look forward to an amazing 2017!


Mithrandiel & The Mithical Entertainment Team


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