Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Episode 13 (Review)

 By: EyeSpyeAlex

We’re here folks. We’ve reached the season finale of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. It’s been quite the ride, following Miss Kobayashi, Tohru, and crew. This season finale is leaving me especially sentimental. Missed my last review? Catch it here!

Kanna meets Saikawa for a playdate in the park. As the two hunt for flowers, Saikawa finds a flower called Shepherd’s Purse, which means “offering everything for you”. She gives it to Kana.

Meanwhile, Kobayashi and Tohru share a domestic moment at home. The two enjoy coffee and each other’s company before Tohru heads out to run errands. While running errands, she is suddenly confronted with her own self-doubt, in dragon form. Her self-doubt is weighing her down with the knowledge that she will someday have to go back to her world. When presented with the fact that Miss Kobayashi may someday die, the ground appears to crack beneath Tohru ready to swallow her up. Just before it does, she is transported to the sky, above the city, and confronts a humanoid creature. One that she calls “Father”.

He tells her that he is taking her home, then opens a portal in his cloak and transports the two of them to her world. Kanna arrives just in time to see them leave, and rushes home to tell Miss Kobayashi. Kanna calls Tohru’s father The Emperor of Demise. Miss Kobayashi appears shocked as she processes the news.

Time passes and Kobayashi is struggles going through the motions of getting ready for work. At work, she tells Takiya that Tohru went back home, and he just nods. The days continue on, Miss Kobayashi starts drinking again, and the chores start piling up around the house.

Miss Kobayashi and Kanna aren’t the only ones who appear to miss Tohru. Lucoa and Fafnir are seen reflecting on her absence. Even Elma appears worried.

Just as it seems Miss Kobayashi has truly moved on, Tohru comes back. Miss Kobayashi is about to welcome her home, when suddenly the sky turns black, a portal opens up, and Tohru’s father appears before them. Her father asks why she came back without his permission and tells her she is forbidden from interfering in this world. When Miss Kobayashi attempts to speak up on Tohru’s behalf, her father strikes her down. After recovering from the initial shock, she tells Tohru’s father that Tohru doesn’t want to leave, and then lists all of the things she likes about Tohru. As her father prepares to strike Kobayashi again, Tohru puts up a shield.

Tohru then flies to the other world to battle her father. Kanna transports Miss Kobayashi to their world, and she intervenes before the two do real damage to each other. Miss Kobayashi yells at Tohru’s father, telling him that she believes their relationship would last, and to try and have some faith in his daughter. He says that he won’t approve of it, but leaves.

As the episode ends we see that Tohru and Kobayashi settle back into domestic bliss. Miss Kobayashi tells Tohru she wants to visit home, and invites Tohru and Kanna along for the visit. On the journey, Tohru reflects on the fact that she knows she won’t have forever with Kobayashi, but she wants to treasure the time they have.

This was an incredibly heartwarming season finale. I was so happy to see Miss Kobayashi admit to Tohru, others, and herself that she has feelings and cares for Tohru. The animation of the fight scenes between Tohru and her father were intense and well done. They were all quick action shots which required the ability to have precision when manipulating frames.

While we didn’t get much closure when it came to the supporting cast, it didn’t feel necessary. This show has always been about the progression of Tohru’s and Kobayashi’s relationship, and it definitely progressed in this show. It’s gone from feeling like a subplot in a slice of life anime to a fleshed out and new companionship. I hope there is a season two so we can see how their feelings for each other grow.

Want to catch up on previous episodes? Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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