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Manga Review: Not Lives, Volume 1

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  1. waterflame says:

    Hmm.. I find that odd that you needed to track it down. I seem to run in to it everywhere I go(I visit a lot of books stores/vendors)… If that fails I guess you could go the amazon route(like you said have it shipped to you. I’d suggest rightstuf or amazon). Either way.. good review~ Things are heating up with chapter 38(just released… well if I’m not lazy by the time you read this it’s out otherwise it’s not out yet but should be by the end of sunday Orz… Currently I think it’s in the upper 40’s for the JP monthly mag chapter)

    1. Rae says:

      Where I live it can be a little hit or miss with getting certain titles. We’ve got 2 book chains here and only one store had one copy stock – roughly 50% of the time I can’t find what I need unless I want to order online. I’m sure people in other areas will have better (or maybe worse) luck finding it in brick and mortar stores. Amazon is a little cheaper than the copy I got from B&N.
      Glad to hear that it’s still running strong in later chapters! I’m excited to read more!

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