A Magical Unboxing: November’s Loot Anime Goodness

By: Mithrandiel

November has come and gone, and while I’m still recovering from my tryptophan-induced food coma, Loot Crate has sent over their latest Loot Anime box to give me a much needed jolt! Let’s take a peek and see what this month’s box has to offer, shall we?

Cracking open the box, I’m first greeted by what looks like an awesome Madoka figure – but I was raised right and trained to save dessert for last, so I set that aside and dug through the rest of the treasures first.

At first I thought this was a piggy bank (it’s heavy) but upon closer inspection it turns out to be a giant eraser! That’s right, you too can use Hawk, the sass-talking pig from The Seven Deadly Sins, to help cover for your mistakes.

Of course, what better gift to include in an anime-themed box than access to a TON of anime? This $10 gift card essentially gets you a month of access to VRV, which combines Funimation and Crunchyroll programming, as well as a number of other channels. An excellent stocking stuffer if nothing else!

Need some manga in your life? This month’s box has got you covered with volume one of K-On! Join your favorite high-school musicians as they attempt to keep the light music club alive!

I know what you’re thinking: “Mithrandiel, I haven’t seen a phone charm yet and I’m getting nervous! Is there a phone charm? IS THERE A PHONE CHA-”

Yes. There is a phone charm. It is as kawaii as you would hope for. The monthly poster is also in there – say hi to the cute purple cat!

Loot Crate was kind enough to include this awesome One Piece cinch bag that you can use to hold all your loot! It’s got a great quality to it, and of course who can deny a cute looking Chopper on the front of the bag? Nobody, that’s right.

Alright, so I was patient. I looked at all these other cool items first, and certainly they would be worth the lions share of the cost…but the figure really took the cake.

I’ll admit, being a big Madoka Magica fan I was looking forward to this box since I saw the promotional material last month. As I mentioned in previous Loot Anime reviews, however, the figures have suffered from back-to-back “derpy eye syndrome”, which detracted from the overall quality of the figure. I’m delighted to say that Madoka broke this pattern.

This figure is solid. It’s got a great weight to it, the detail on the dress and hair is fantastic, and most importantly (to me) the eyes and face look great.

I mean – look at the ripples on her dress! Seriously – a great job this month with the figure from Loot Anime. Just barely overtook the Mushishi tea cups to be my favorite item in the box in the last few months I’ve received them. You definitely are getting your money’s worth with this box – as I would gladly pay $30 for the figure, not to mention the $10 gift card, the manga, the One Piece bag, the eraser…and of course, the phone charm.

While the opportunity for this box has come and gone, next month’s major series is My Hero Academia. That’s right – interested in something awesome from that show? Then sign up for your own Loot Anime box here, and use the promo code “mithicalent” to save 10% on your initial box!

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Loot Anime Box (November)

Loot Anime Box (November)

Mithical Rating






Other Goodies




What Works

  • The Madoka figure is arguably the best item Loot Anime has distributed in quite some time
  • Awesome One Piece bag
  • VRV gift card is great value

What Hurts

  • Interior box art didn't seem tied to theme
  • Hard to put together overall theme

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