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Loot Anime Unboxing – June 2018

By: Mithrandiel

I know what you’re thinking… “But Mithrandiel, you literally JUST posted the May unboxing!” 

So? I’ve got boxes to, well, unbox! Let’s see what June has for us!

This month’s shirt is inspired by Battle Angel Alita – the classic cyberpunk series now in the process of being brought to the big screen. A vibrant purple, the print itself isn’t particularly eye-catching.

These socks, on the other hand, are sure to help you ninja-run into action! Naruto Shippuden branded, these comfy cotton socks can help you sport anime merchandise from head to toe!

Rather than going with a traditional manga, the June Loot Anime box features volume 1 of the Goblin Slayer light novel. Featuring a young priestess who puts together an inexperienced adventuring party, they’re saved from certain doom by the powerful Goblin Slayer! A fun fantasy romp for sure.

Probably the coolest piece from the box this month is this Juni Taisen travel cup. A bamboo fiber cup, it’s definitely sturdier than your standard paper cup.

The cup features all of the major characters from the brawler anime, which aired late last year.

With excellent detail and design, it’s the odd items that really seem to have the most impact for me. It’s just an added bonus that it’s of a series that I really enjoyed.

Rounding out the box is a Loot Anime pin and a Claymore-inspired handkerchief.

Overall, another great box from Loot Anime, and one that can be yours this weekend if you’re attending Anime Expo! Check out our Instagram feed for details on how to win!

As always, if you’re interested in signing up for the Loot Anime service, you can do so here. It’s a great time to do so with their 4th of July sale, so check it out!

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