A look inside: Loot Crate DX Unboxing

By: Archmage

As we announced in our SVCC Coverage last month, Loot Crate utilized their panel to announce an exciting new product: Loot Crate DX. This premiere subscription costs $50/month and promises over $100 in value, including items like messenger bags, hats, art books and more. With so many services going to monthly payment structures (Kirk wrote a great piece on this last year), it can be hard to justify such a high monthly cost. However, Loot Crate has been in the business of preparing and distributing quality crates for quite some time now, and their partnerships with companies like Marvel certainly lend credibility to their claim of making the set worth it on a monthly basis. Still, the proof is in the pudding – so grab a spoon and let’s dig in!


So to start, for comparison’s sake, this month’s Loot Crate DX (left) vs a usual Loot Crate (right)



Open the box to the Loot Crate logo and well-packaged goodies within.


I liked the added drama on the side of the box.


What’s this? What’s this?


All of the goodies within the premiere Loot Crate DX.



Glow in the dark Adventure Time figure


I appreciate the detail on the figure, but this isn’t really what people are likely going to be looking at to justify their cost.

The good stuff comes next, with these awesome World of Warcraft Lowball Glasses (best for sipping whiskey while contemplating why DPS constantly pull aggro) along with D20 Whiskey Stones:





The quality on these glasses is hard to deny. Great weight and feel to them, and the D20 whiskey stones are a great added touch. The purposefulness in placing these items together adds more value to them as a set in my opinion.

Up next, a Legend of Zelda Jersey Hoodie



The hoodie is extremely comfortable (at least, according to my wife).

Tolkien-inspired print and Compass Pin


The print is pretty cool, as is the pin, but again – this seems like filler along with the adventure time figure.

So, first impressions overall: worth it. The lowball glasses, D20 whiskey stones and Zelda hoodie easily covered the cost of the box, and the Adventure time figure, print and compass all seemed like gravy after that. I’m all for more swag, but it’s also kind of annoying because in reviewing the box I could tell where they put their major costs quite obviously. A little more balance in the value would be appreciated with future sets. Or, if they’re going to do one or two high quality items, just stick with those and don’t add in smaller items just to fill the box.

I will be continuing my membership for at least a couple more months to assess future sets. Next month’s theme is “Power”, so we’ll see how that turns out!

Are you subscribed to DX? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!


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