Kickstart Your Weekend – Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend

Type:Video Game – Rouge-like 2D Isometric Dungeon Crawler
Funding End Date: Thu, July 21 2016
Funding Status: Funded

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The Story

The Council of Magic has nominated you to compete in the Chaos Trials. You must traverse the Lanova Castle where the Council has crafted a unique labyrinth for you to conquer. Throughout this maze, you must use all your power, guile, and wisdom to defeat the monsters and machinations within.

If you can succeed, you will become a Wizard of Legend!


The Game

In Wizard of Legend you will run through randomly generated maps to complete challenges granted to you by a Council Member.


Along the way you will collect Relics and upgrades to your already amazing abilities to aid you in conquering any challenge presented to you. What you spec into is going to be your choice, but choices you do have in this case. There are several paths that it seems you can go down, including Fire, Ice, Earth, Lightning, and some physical augmentations. From the gameplay they’ve given us so far, the combat seems very fluid which you would hope for with a bullet hell level enemies according to the promo video.


They’ve also boasted 2 Player Local co-op with a VS mode included.


Overall, in Wizard of Legend there are interesting combinations and enhancements to each of the spells, and the engine plays smoothly. Baddies are sufficiently difficult, you really do get a feeling of urgency when fighting.

The game plays MUCH better with a controller instead of a Keyboard and Mouse. The developers state that they’ve been working on this for 2 years and the Demo looks amazing for something they’ve created just for a Demo.

The Pixel art is just wonderful and the music from Dale North of Scarlet Moon compliments the gameplay, even though this is just a simple Demo for now.

The Demo for Wizard of Legend is downloadable for Windows, Mac, and Linux for free on their Kickstarter Page, go ahead and try it out before backing. Play the demo even if you’re backing this, it’s ridiculously fun, see if you can reach the secret room or beat the final boss in challenge mode!

The Perks

All Higher Tier get the previous level as well.

$5 – You get their thanks and access to backer updates!
$15 – You get the Game!
$25 – You get the Game! Twice!
$30 – You get Beta Access!
$40 – You get Art! Get a download of the Artbook and the OST.
$100 – You get your name in the Credits!
$500 – You get your likeness on a Portrait randomly placed in the random dungeons of random!
$1000 – You get your likeness made into a statue randomly randomly randomly!

The Verdict


No question here, I funded at the $15 level. I was sold after watching the trailer. After playing, I just can’t wait for next year to roll around so I can play the full game.

My complaint is that I’m not able to get Swag for higher pledges, but that ties into them being just 2 people who haven’t really given us anything before now. If they can produce something truly amazing, we can only hope for more in the future.

It’s fun, fast paced, frantic, and other F terms that would convince you to fund this project. I need you to go do that right now so that we can get some of the stretch goals because right now it’s only just funded.

Go. Go do it.

What are you waiting for? That money needs to be pledged right now. Go fund Wizard of Legend.

Happy Gaming!

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